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for Harry gets some common sense

12/25/2017 c1 mooneysfate
12/25/2017 c19 mooneysfate
thank you! Happy Xmas and New Year! :)
12/22/2017 c19 2azulkan2
Very enjoyable bunch of stories. Glad to see you back writing.
12/21/2017 c13 Guest
Love the idea. I can buy that delicate electronics don't like magic - it's a form of energy and without something imposing a means of consistency and control on it the wiring/chips would fry, just like when you plug an appliance meant for one strength of charge into another country's sockets without checking first. (My uncle tried to borrow my best -American intended usage- travel-speakers and plugged them into the wall in England without an adapter/surgeguard. Never could use them again and the replacements sucked somehow.)
But I never saw a reason why kinetic-driven pre-electronics tech can't work or be adapted. It runs entirely in mechanical energy and means, so at most there may be a need to etch some protective runes in various places - primarily to minimize accidents when your dormmates are practicing. An Ancient Runes student could do all kinds of useful things with some research. Etched runes to reduce daily wear and tear on the components, shielding to reduce effects of any magic preformed in it's proximity, maybe a way to alter the colors of the of the inks on a typewriter's tapes.
Of course, in order to undo any accidents one may need to thoroughly study i/exactly/i how the object in question works, down to memorizing the exact schematics of each individual part. Otherwise how can you reverse a transfiguration if a simple "finite" doesn't work?

Huh. So I guess this could segway into a reason for Harry to take Ancient Runes as an elective. If nothing else, Hermione would probably make "runic enhancement" suggestions, and if they went to the Runes professor for help... Well, even a "lazy Harry" could see the benefits of getting class credits for a project he already is interested in and working on.
12/21/2017 c19 1serenityselena
nicely done...
looking forward to your next update :)
12/20/2017 c19 7littleditto
My favorite theories for why Dumbledore hired Lockheart are 1) that Dumbles knew Lockheart was a fake, but wanted to use Lockheart’s fame to try to make dark wizards be more hesitant to do anything and second guess their actions to account for the “master wizard”; and 2) Lockheart blackmailed Dumbledore for the position in the manipulative/evil!Dumbledore verses.

Another good chapter. I hope finals went well!
12/20/2017 c19 Cassandra30
Welcome back! Missed you. Lots of sympathy and empathy over health problems that will never go away. sigh Enjoyed this chapter. Always wondered why no one actually noticed all the glaring discrepancies.
12/20/2017 c8 22Katzztar
Ah a realistic response. Not only does a kid question Dumbledore's inane announcements, but kids sending letters to parents about it.
Really, that is something kids, esp. 11 yr olds who just started, would do if they go to school and first thing they hear a threat ..ahem warning... to stay out of area X unless they want to have a messy death. They wouldn't ignore it, they would write to the adult, usually parents or guardian, asking if this is normal.
12/20/2017 c9 Katzztar
Now THIS is a reaction I wanted to see! I mean Hermione always barges in boys dorm in canon yet no one complains. "But the boys like the idea of girls being able to come to their room" I hear some say. Older boys, boys who are past the "girls are icky" stange and has discovered attraction to the opposite gender. That is -on average(as some boys are not the average but early)- near 16 when they start to become interested in sex.
13-14 boys may not be the 'girls are icky' but they are still discovering about girls and on general not yet interested in sex. At that stage, kissing is the best thing they like (again on average, some are earlier, some later)

But Hermione has been barging in the boys dorm since year 1/2, when most, if not all boys there are 11/12. AND NOT ONE PRETEEN BOY COMPLAINS? Yeah right ...NOT! They would still be in the 'boys clubroom means NO GIRLS ALLOWED' phase. They'd be yelling at her to get out. Esp. if she barges in.
12/20/2017 c19 Katzztar
Ahaha its a pity that canon-Dumbledore isn't awesome like this. Not only does he call the crap that Lockhart has done, but he is proactive. He helped set up a place to arrest Lockhart, instead of hiring him.
12/19/2017 c18 Guest
Ch 16 is very simular to ch 19
12/19/2017 c19 Eljin1
"sure, next time someone tries to kill you, ill tell you im going to push you out of the way from a killing curse. hey, and to make sure that youre good with my actions ill wait for you to give me the ok before saving your life. idiot."
12/19/2017 c19 jkarr
nice chapter.
12/7/2017 c15 2Arrowman
12/7/2017 c12 Arrowman
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