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for Harry gets some common sense

8/19/2017 c6 Guest
I'm glad I decided to try your story. I was initially put off by 'the chapters are in random order'. Others may also have been put off. It might be better to describe this as a series of one shots. Hope you get more readers.
8/17/2017 c17 Cassandra30
Nice chapter.
8/16/2017 c17 Eldersprig
One of the things that bugs me about canon is "A wizard did it" to explain any bit of deus ex mechina, that happens but otherwise treating magic as another form of technology. Is this bad writing or another instance of not wanting the super-duper thingey not to override the plot? My point: Riddle is DEAD (as in he's a spirit thing even if he gets a body back), and they know his name, so why don't they take what they know to a necromancer or learn that part of magic themselves? Seems sort of obvious to me. I put it in the same category as "parseltounge is evil or at least disturbing so we won't explore it at all" Just seems lazy writing and cowardly actions on the part of the characters.
8/15/2017 c17 Fallow54
xxxx Kudos xxxx : )
8/13/2017 c17 hawkswench
What always got me was that griffs and ravenclaws had to climb so many flights of stairs. No one heard of an elevator?
8/12/2017 c1 mally1942
Molly Weasley was the light sided one smart enough to go for kill against Bellitrix. For all of J.K. Rowling's preaching against capital punishment. There are so examples in canon where if Deatheaters had been killed many innocent lives would have saved.
8/12/2017 c17 percyjacksonfan135
Love it.
8/12/2017 c17 jkarr
at least some one yelled at the minster
8/12/2017 c17 Vukk
Leaving #4 in DH. Moody is paranoid, yet why didn't everyone take polyjuice. Would still be a magical way, and everyone would be 'safe'. Or have everyone leave except Harry for 10 minutes on his fire bolt while everyone looks like him. Or a car. Or Nightbus. I think that scene is tied for first with worst scene in the series (Voldemort killing himself, Harry's fight scene in HBP in the castle against Draco [he never practiced the spell] or at the end).
8/11/2017 c16 Eldersprig
thinking that the trophy would get them back is a bit of a stretch, but having Cedric suddenly act like a complete idiot was just lazy writing (on JK's part)
8/11/2017 c16 1The Weatherwitch
Love it XD
8/10/2017 c16 Cassandra30
Better response!
8/8/2017 c16 jkarr
nice way Harry and Cedric got out alive
8/8/2017 c14 jkarr
nice way to get ride of Volde.
8/8/2017 c13 jkarr
it is nice that Harry got a typewriter that worked and is willing to use it.
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