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for Harry gets some common sense

8/8/2017 c12 jkarr
Ron is just dumb
8/8/2017 c11 jkarr
I for one don't feel sorry for the bug.
8/8/2017 c10 jkarr
nice chapter.
8/8/2017 c9 jkarr
that is a good question why des the boys dorm steps not do the same as the girls
8/8/2017 c8 jkarr
one way to get the headmaster into trouble
8/8/2017 c7 jkarr
nice chapter about the stairs to the girls dorm.
8/8/2017 c6 jkarr
why did Neville never have the toad in a cage.
8/8/2017 c5 jkarr
that is one way to keep Harry safe.
8/8/2017 c4 jkarr
this is a nice way for Sirius freed.
8/8/2017 c3 jkarr
nice that Pro. McG went nuts on Snape.
8/8/2017 c2 jkarr
nice way to get ride of Lockhart
8/8/2017 c1 jkarr
well that is one way to get ride of Volde.
8/8/2017 c16 1davycrockett100
8/8/2017 c16 Fallow54
xxxx Kudos xxx : )
8/8/2017 c16 Guest
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