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for Harry gets some common sense

12/25/2019 c24 mooneysfate
wonderful update! thank you and merry xmas! :)
12/25/2019 c24 StrongGuy159
Amazing story continue please.
12/25/2019 c24 angelscatie
Great chapter
12/25/2019 c24 jkarr
this is a nice chapter
12/25/2019 c24 percyjacksonfan135
Hi! Love it and missed you on here.
12/25/2019 c24 22Katzztar
Its always nice to see a fic where the champions work together. But I have to say, I don't remember other stories of them having a vast network of friends joining in and helping like this. Glad to see them figure things out by the co-operation too. They had Victor in this, but is Fleur there and just silent so far or has she not arrived yet?
12/25/2019 c24 Ep
bonne continuation et merci pour la lecture
PS bonnes fêtes à tous
12/25/2019 c24 1davycrockett100
12/22/2019 c21 Kai
I already commented about Dumbledore who had to know that it was a basilisk. But another thing comes into my mind. Hermione searched over six months for the information. But it's easily available in one of the most basic books about creatures. A book that's on the first year book list, even if they don't have creature classes until the third, and even then only some of the students. EVERY student has that book. Now, Hermione is very capable of research. So, someone must have interfered with both the library, perhaps by removing lots and lots of shelf metres of books to clean out the entire beast section. (Must've been a senior staff member.) And with the ability of students to read their own books. By making the wards prevent them from using the book, by having the house elves steal all copies, whatever. (Must've been the only one allowed to change the wards and order the elves to commit a crime.)
9/12/2019 c17 SortingHat
How about a story where Uncle Vernon made him miss the train so Harry has to find some clever means to get to Hogwarts and they learn about his abuse that way? Perhaps he walks the railroad tracks and shows up (very) late by borrowing Uncle Vernon's money so he can stay at hotels on the way or B and B's which are very popular in England.

Or perhaps have Harry steal their car and drive himself to Hogwarts taking back roads to avoid police and ANPR cameras?
9/12/2019 c13 SortingHat
The guest didn't say anything wrong. He just said about theories of magic and electricity. Guess you never heard of a real flame before! You won't like it when you do but hopefully it will give you a better sense of balance!
9/12/2019 c11 SortingHat
And it turns out she created CNN and all the left wing lies to make 'socialism' sound sweet to those who don't know the dangers they are asking. Bill Clinton in 1997 by the way screwed up capitalism by allowing unlimited owning of companies and our communications.

After that the rest of the independent companies were gone for good.
9/12/2019 c9 SortingHat
Why don't they band together and learn how to make one or get one of those slide stairway things? Even if they have to pool money together from their families and pay a spell caster privately?
9/12/2019 c5 SortingHat
WOW! This should be a full story!
9/11/2019 c4 SortingHat
Sorry but if I were the judge I'd instead of sending Worm tongue back to prison I'd have him change back to a rat permanently and forced to live as Weasley's 'pet' and allow Ron to do what he pleases with him as further punishment.

Sure it may not seem as much as going to jail but it ain't a picnic either living as Weasley's Rat and he could be involved in the twin's experiments!
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