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for Harry gets some common sense

3/20/2018 c22 Fallow54
xxx Kudos xxx : )
3/20/2018 c22 12a-halfblood-with-attitude
Awesome! It's nice to read a story where the characters listen to you XD
3/19/2018 c23 dianaanne
Interesting approach. It would lead to shorter stories with some happier endings.
3/16/2018 c23 Cassandra30
3/16/2018 c23 7littleditto
"how do you think we can Trevor-proof this thing?" ~cackles~

Another great chapter
3/15/2018 c23 Guest
I like it.
3/15/2018 c23 jkarr
it is nice that Harry was able to out fly the dragon.
3/15/2018 c11 crankypants16
Am loving these chapters
3/15/2018 c23 22Katzztar
Anything we would like to see? Hmmm Okay! This chapter reminds me of one - okay 2- things I've wanted to see for some time but first...

Remember what it said about the Tournament champions?
1) They must be of age,
2) one champion per school
3) Moody claimed that the goblet likely was hit with a confundus and someone must of entered Harry under a 4th school. (he would know since he's imposter that did the deed)

Well since Cedric Diggory was called out for Hogwarts Champion before Harry's name came out, that means that Harry could not be a Hogwarts champion, not even as '2nd champion' as some fics call him. I've seen a few fics where it is acknowledged that there is a 4th school, but most have him still go to Hogwarts as a student, like in the books. The classes, the dorm (though a few have him thrown out) and points still earned/taken away.

Also, Dumbledore makes Harry take part and act like a champion, but since he now is champion for a 4th school, this means Dumbledore effectively transferred Harry out of Hogwarts to new school. He also declared Harry to be an adult, since a champion must be of age.

I want to see a fic where the teachers do not acknowledge this first. They act like in the books, what I want to see is them realize little by little (well not so little in a 1 chapter ficlet) opps Harry is no longer a student of Hogwarts. He can't enter the dorms, and since other schools do NOT share same classes with Hogwarts and take classes with their teachers in their lodgings, this means Harry can't enter Hogwarts classrooms either. Harry will need to bring in tutors or find out what school he was transferred to (if it was pre-existing one that was named & he wasn't told its name or a brand new one that was created with just Harry as student (for now))

Most importantly what I want to see is Dumbledore, Snape and/or McGonagall in the following
1: Attempt taking points away but they do not realize at first that the point counter does not change. Since Harry is no longer a student of Hogwarts, the points given/taken have no meaning and do not change. It would take a bit before they realize this, students would notice it before the teachers since they watch it more closely than staff.
2: Harry realizes the truth so when a teacher tries to give a detention, Harry refuses since he's not a Hogwarts student, When one tries to demand he go see Dumbledore Harry replies that Dumbledore is no longer his headmaster since he's not a Hogwarts student.
3/15/2018 c23 2azulkan2
Now that is the way the first task should have gone. And as far as Trevor, guess wizards haven't ever heard of terrariums. Or in a greenhouse with a toad abode.
3/15/2018 c22 Cassandra30
Totally love it!
3/14/2018 c22 1serenityselena
they say that "two heads are better than one"... this just showed how fast more heads put together can solve a problem...
looking forward to your next update :)
3/14/2018 c22 1The Weatherwitch
Haha! Loved it xD
3/14/2018 c22 1davycrockett100
3/14/2018 c22 percyjacksonfan135
Love it!
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