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for Harry gets some common sense

1/17/2018 c21 Fallow54
xxx Kudos xxx : )
1/17/2018 c21 Cassandra30
Love the last!
1/16/2018 c21 62Stormshadow13
Awesome group a one-shot I loved all of them they were fun to read
1/16/2018 c21 November-Clouds-One-and-Only
You sir, are the funniest person in the world. (And yes, I know you are a girl)
1/16/2018 c20 November-Clouds-One-and-Only
This should have happened! Especially the last one!
1/16/2018 c19 November-Clouds-One-and-Only
This should've happened.
1/16/2018 c21 7littleditto
Another good chapter.

I wonder what would have happened if Ron/a Wizard-raised person (as I’m not Muggle-raised) had ever bothered telling Hermione and Harry about Wizards Oaths at any point in the series. Would have saved them a lot of trouble
1/16/2018 c21 1davycrockett100
1/16/2018 c21 percyjacksonfan135
Lol I love it!
1/16/2018 c21 22Katzztar
Some very interesting ones here.
I like how Harry called out the student body for their hypocrisy.

Good point on the exams. Either everyone would get a pass on the 'exams are canceled' or be counted as 0 for the year. Previously, I had always assumed that O.W.L.s & N.E.W.T.s would still happen but during the summer after they got a chance to study up. But that was never said, only "exams are cancelled". Of course younger years wouldn't mind, unlike the 5th & 7th years who knew how important they are.

Kids bring up a good point on the stairs. I doubt that the teachers would move the House dorms as 'its tradition'. Yet they could provide maps for the kids to get to class.
In first year when McGonagall threatens to "transfigure one of you into a map" when she called out Ron & Harry for being late to class. In that scene I had imagined this

Harry "You know, maps are a good idea! Why are we first years expected to get to class if we do not know where the class is?"

McGonagall "Your schedules state where classes are."

Harry "Sure they do! Transfiguration Classroom is on the ground-floor. Well, WHERE on the ground floor? It does stretch from one side of the castle to the other! Lets not forget the stairs on 7th floor near the dorm that switch from going to this floor while we are on them and then go to 5th floor, then we had to find stairs that would lead us back down to the ground floor, then still try to find the class! That, professor, is why we are late."

Nice to see some kid from a pureblood family get tired of Umbridge's shit and was able to contact his family to get help.
1/16/2018 c21 21Scott the Wanderer
Yeah, the Jordan Lee one won't work. Umbridge was using her power as Inquisitor to screen all owl mail. Lee's message would have never made it home. If it had, when his parents came to the Ministry to complain, they would have been arrested for sedition. Remember, as much as fanon wishes it were not so the Minister had control over the Aurors.
1/15/2018 c21 Guest
Nice one.
1/15/2018 c21 Wind Wolf 1701
The loopholes in the books are ridiculous and the movies are worse. Thank you for the new goodies. WW.
1/15/2018 c3 November-Clouds-One-and-Only
Good. (Btw, I'm not reading these in order.)
1/15/2018 c2 November-Clouds-One-and-Only
This should have happened.
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