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for A New Cub

2/12/2018 c1 3lukejohnson0612
Intriguing and compelling interpretation of a scene what we never saw in the movie.
5/27/2016 c1 It's my party
Is this the 2016 movie? I think that's the BEST STINKIN MOVIE EVER! NOT TO MENTION isn't Mowgli 10 in the 2016 movie? And at least SHOULD be in all the other ones? I'm also 10.
4/29/2016 c1 kk
Thanks for writing this story. I've always thought of a situation in which Mowgli finds a way to stay in the jungle with Baloo and wolves. One day I read a fic called "Brother Necessities" by jkan9817; and I thought it would be an interesting read a story in which Mowgli becomes a bear when using a magical object; at the end maybe Mowgli would have to decide between being a bear or remain a human. Well, it's just an idea. Thank you.-Gracias por escribir esta historia. Siempre he pensado en una situación en la que Mowgli halla la manera de quedarse en la selva con Baloo y los lobos. Un dia leí un Fic llamado "Brother Necessities" escrito por jkan9817; y pensé que seria una interesante leer una historia en la que Mowgli se convierte en un oso al usar un objeto mágico; al final tal vez Mowgli tendría que decidir entre ser un oso o seguir siendo un humano. Bueno, solo es una idea. Gracias.

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