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10/23/2021 c3 mimipoppins
oh what a lovely au! i loved it :)
1/1/2021 c3 1reisova
Very good story
6/4/2020 c3 Clare
A fab AU fic! I can't even list all the bits I like because I'd be here all day. Lols This has everything - lots of hot kisses and touches, lots of angst, amazing dialogue, a smart story-line, lots of conflict and deep emotions, lots of atmosphere, lots of toing and froing, lots of oh just everything! I love how inventive your brain is. Hope you write a lot more som fics in the near future :D
6/30/2019 c3 52his-red-head
OH MY GOD! I just found this story and I freaking love. Beautifully written. xx
5/5/2017 c3 MsLizzie regrets
I loved this story so much.
2/22/2017 c3 5Miss Darling Julie
I love the entirely new angle you put on this!
9/3/2016 c3 36augiesannie
Oh wow oh wow. I haven't done reviews for quite a while, and what a treat it was to come across this! It was a wonderful idea for a story, loved the feels, and LOVED the kissing. Even though I was pretty sure there would be a HE, I was sorta on the edge of my seat for a while there...anyway, sorry for the delay and great job!
7/28/2016 c3 38Mie779
this was a beautiful A/U story... liked how they came together like this... very romantic and oh the kisses... very hot indeed... loved it...
6/10/2016 c3 10bloomandgrow
Beautifully written. I loved this story, very emotional, tender, sweet, poignant - and a happy ending! (Yay)
5/23/2016 c3 TheMountainGirl
Wonderful chapter. Liked how the Reverend Mother wanted to show Maria that her life isn't really meant to be a nun, and that she made a mistake in allowing her to take her vows when Maria wasn't really ready yet. And the scenes after that with Georg- ahh. Feels feels and more feels. LOVED IT.
5/20/2016 c3 Team Omelia
Thanks for the update! It was a great way to end :) and thanks for the tentative update date on Layers of Secrets...I can't wait! Good luck on the audition :)
5/20/2016 c3 Guest
So happy to see a new chapter. Ahh decisions, decisions. I could see that one being a tough one for her. Love the scene in her room right before they leave. You describe that kiss so well and all of the emotion behind, so very steamy. Well done!
5/20/2016 c3 eve1993
Oh damn you! I wasn't supposed to read this story, I was only supposed to continue reading your other story as I have my first exam next week and also my thesis...argh. I'm blaming you if I fail...just kidding. But what a distraction that was, I can barely handle the feelings. Him breaking down in the final chapter, shattered me, I'm having a really hard time holding back the happy tears. The final sentence as sounded so poetic. I really shouldn't have read this story as I'll be thinking about it all day and I really need to study. What a contribution to the April writing prompt that was though! I can barely remember how to breathe. Thank you for writing this and for always making an emotional blubbering mess of me.
5/20/2016 c3 12BlossomOfEdelweiss
That anonymous review about the kiss in her room was from me. I forgot to login. Sorry about that.
5/19/2016 c3 62gothicbutterfly95
Great ending! You really made it a BIG DEAL that she is leaving the Abbey, which was very realistic and welcome. I loved the line about how she wasn't better when she was with him, just more complete; that was especially beautiful.
And of course their 'talk' just turned out to be kissing - YAY!
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