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for GATE: Thus the Van Doos fought there!

10/2 c12 fadliwijayabkl12
Why don't you update it again? This is very nice!
7/14 c12 Guest

Please Update!
7/14 c11 Guest
RIP to you my Friend
1/14 c3 Jhudrick Wray Terrado
oh shit, he better hope that once he comes back. He doesn't get the Slippers
5/29/2021 c12 Sithlord8
When's the next chapter?! Don't stop writing. This is to good!
5/15/2021 c12 James Porter
please update!
2/6/2021 c12 AyeJimmy123
1/1/2021 c12 Rickrolling
Story is great and please make more chapters.
11/24/2020 c2 4Major Simi
he he he i think someone just learned to never ever temptate Murphy
8/26/2020 c12 dovah-keen01
Will you continue updating this story in the future?
12/18/2019 c12 Major Simi
wow great story please continue
10/20/2019 c12 Twylaken
update please
6/22/2019 c12 44Wacko12
update soon!
5/31/2019 c12 1Owieeey
Are you planning to write more because this is getting good
5/30/2019 c4 Owieeey
You got my attention with this story so far
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