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for Happily Ever After?

2/3/2020 c5 Hng332
Whyyyyyy? Why didn't you continue? The story is so great that I can't stop reading, but suddenly there's no more?
2/20/2019 c5 MsFang
More plz
1/18/2019 c5 8xo-emma-ox
Hi there! Not sure how often you visit this site, but I recently started a new job where I am on reception for around an hour, give or take a few minutes here and there while checking customer's IDs, almost every day. I decided to read fanfictions while I spend my time on desk. I have gotten so much enjoyment out of your story. The brief synopsis of your story was the only one to capture my attention while I scrolled to find something intriguing. I've always loved Gray as a character and feel as though I connect with him on a strange level. I've never really heard of anyone pairing Claire and Jack together romantically, as well as Gray and Popuri, which I think was a daring creative choice you made, and you did it very well. I admire that greatly! I hope you decide to continue writing this story. I know it's hard to find that creative urge again - I am also struggling. But I know how much positive reviews can help to inspire and uplift the writer. I am loving the whole spark that is growing between Claire and Gray, even though they argue constantly. It's realistic in the way you portray it. I find some author's come across as cheesy when trying to make two characters fall for each other, but you're absolutely nailing it. I've been getting butterflies in my stomach as I read this; something that I haven't felt while reading for a very long time. I can also sense how much your writing has improved as the chapters progress. Thank you for this, from the bottom of my heart. You've made me want to start writing again.
5/3/2017 c5 5allyelle
I stumbled upon your story on a whim (I'm not at all familiar with the older versions of Harvest Moon) but I thought your idea was interesting, and I have to say, you've had me hooked. There are a few spelling mistakes, but your style of writing is lovely and they can easily be overlooked. I hope another chapter comes soon :)
3/19/2017 c5 9YellowMoonFlower
Woah, glad you're back! I've been waiting for this xD I'm just checking my email after some days and find a notif that you update the story, so I read it right away!
Thank you for continuing this fanfic, I really love this story. I wonder what's going to happen after this. They're just bickering to each other and that was cute xD
3/18/2017 c5 1KongFooMaster46
Yes this story is updated, i like the story so much. Also update fast as you can, i'll be waiting
3/17/2017 c5 Rose
The story makes me feel sad and hopeful. There are a lot of out comes here. Maybe a little twist. You are a great writer and I enjoy reading it. Keep going.
7/27/2016 c3 Vanessa
I did like this chapter! I want more \(O)/
Thank you
It was a smooth read. At first, i was so immersed in the story that didnt realize grammar mistakes. And in all honest, what i would do without google...You are doing well
7/18/2016 c4 Rona
Hello, thank you for an update :) I really love this chapter. I like how you wrote the wedding event and how everyone is involved. Ann is adorable btw And the pov from Gray and Claire is well-written. I dunno if it's just me but when I was reading it, somehow I could also feel their feelings, what they're thinking. Well done! I'm looking forward to read more :) ps: Thank you for the reply. But now I feel like I'm so selfish for not really wanting Jack to be in this story lol I'm sorry to all Jack's fans. And to you, please write Jack as often as you want :D
7/16/2016 c4 msms
such an interesting story, and its very funny~the latest chapter was pure gold! please update soon, i want to see more interaction between grey and claire
7/8/2016 c4 liane
OMG! Finally after years of reviewing HM fanfics, someone noticed me! This is such a good fic with fantastic storyline~ im on the edge of ma seat waiting for the next chapter! Ahh
Ok on to my review for this chapter: gray, i think youve made the right decision by staying on the sideline, i mean the whole town turned into one big chaos. Although perhaps you shouldve done sth to hold Jack back a bit, but i guess it would be as fun if Jack didnt go all out like he did ;)) seriously though i kept re reading this chapter because its so funny! This wedding surely will be that one event the whole town will never forget! And yes i cant wait to finally read more about gray and claires life as a married couple! I wonder if theyve actually had always been attracted to each other long before they slept together and just didnt realise it... Anyway! Cant wait for the next fhapter!
7/2/2016 c4 KeepCalmandReview
Another great chapter! I especially loved the part when Claire became aware of the start of her new life, so symbolic, very nicely written.

Ann, where do I start with this girl? Such a tease, that's why I love her! And Jack, he made the entire chapter. Perhaps he should get together with Ann? These two would be unstoppable!

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, it was very entertaining from the start to finish. Although there were typos and a few incorrect grammar (could/would instead of can/will for narratives, to keep them in the past form. Also, main verb following it would stay in base form, not past form. e.g. would result instead of would resulted), they didn't take away the awesomeness of this chapter. :)

Karen and Mary, I found to be the most hilarious. Mary, especially, her freaking out is something I've yet to see ever on this website, which is a shame because I'm sure she's not as bland (or well-composed, as her fans might say) as people make her out to be. Also, kudos to you for keeping everyone in character. Believe me when I say a lot of people seem to struggle keeping their characters in their canon personality, so great job on that!

Looking forward to the next chapter, hopefully soon? :)
6/26/2016 c4 14Mnemah
This was a wonderful chapter. Your descriptions keep getting better and better, I find myself re-reading them just to make sure I got all of the details. I especially loved the part of Claire walking down the aisle (also, what a gorgeous wedding outfit you described, I've always wanted something similar for my own wedding!) and also the part where Gray and Claire seal the deal with a kiss. I think I actually like Gray and Claire now-I'm curious as to what will happen now, because obviously the other townsfolk think it is strange how Gray and Claire just got married so quickly. I wonder what will happen now with Popuri? Maybe Claire will realize she truly loves Gray, but Gray might have left over feelings for Popuri and that will make Claire jealous. Also, what about Mary, maybe she like Gray too and is jealous of Claire? I wonder what you will write next! I'm patiently awaiting your next chapter :]
6/25/2016 c4 opanda
i just read this! and i love it A LOT! like a loooot!
man, i love gray and claire. the idea of your story is great. and you perfecting it by every words you use! so clean, easy to read, no typo and aaaahh i just love it.
and gray. how could you be sure she's not pregnant? lol. i don't know myself but hey, i can't wait to see their marriage life and babies!
keep it up!
6/17/2016 c4 9YellowMoonFlower
This chapter give me so much feeling. At first, it was funny how you describe their wedding preparation. I'm lol-ing over Mary and Karen's part~ xD
Then, you made me breathless, wondering whether or not Claire would come. Next, when Gray lips curved a smile, I finally could breath again, with a smile too :)
Can't wait for the next chapters! Oh, they indeed have potential to fall in love!
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