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2/25/2005 c5 34Skeren Dreamera
lovely story, and thank you for your review to *my* work.
9/16/2004 c5 2crazywolfgrrl
Farfie w/blender-very good thing. I love this fic! You put in some very unique pairings! Not enough Farfie/yohji out there. I look forward to more of your work!
9/19/2003 c4 9Misura
[Hm, a little maybe. ;)]

A lovely read (rather than saying Schu's your favorite I'd say each chapter's better than the one before maybe) about a lovely couple. I like the way Schu explains his feelings for Omi and the things he compares him with ; it's very cute. I also enjoyed the way you brought his Gift into this conversation, and Schu's sense of ironic humor. ^_^ A great read!
9/19/2003 c3 Misura
AH, I loved this chapter ; the whole one-sided dialogue setting is brought out even stronger in this one, and in a very agreeable way too. I think you definitely captured Farfarello's mind (and heart?) very well in this ; he's very much himself. A wonderful read!
9/19/2003 c2 Misura
Ah, my favorite character, talking about my favorite pairing (all right, so it's only one of them, but still). I like the comparison you had him make, between the tree Estet chopped and the man who ruined Estet (Hah! Poetical justice!) and of course I loved the different take on Aya-chan's abduction. A lovely, loveable portrait of Crawford. ^_^ I think he deserves Ran to give him a chance, don't you, Ken?
9/19/2003 c1 Misura
I like the way you wrote this, and the way you made this a one-sided dialogue, with Nagi responding to certain remarks you didn't let the reader hear. I think you did a very good job on describing Nagi's feelings about the wielder of the lethal umbrella. A highly enjoyable read.
2/27/2003 c5 1Reflections
wow this is so cool! very original, i think.
2/24/2003 c4 Briar Rose6
Somehow, that feels *right* - Schu drawn to Omi, finding his mind like sunshine "bright and warm but not without that hint of danger." You've made a strong case for a less-than-usual pairing, and I love your thinking. I hope you work more in the WK universe - you write well, and have a good handle on the characters. We all love our shonen ai, and you have some good twists of humor, too.
2/24/2003 c3 Briar Rose6
*Nice* accent for Farf. And crazy does not mean stupid. I like to see someone doing something with Farf besides drawing blood and licking knives. Farf has to have *some* other interests or he is useless as a character. Against my expectations, hearing the pairing from Farf's point of view actually makes me think it would work. Between the booze, cigarettes, clubbing and one-night stands, Yohji is in a major down-hill spiral, and obviously hasn't found anything in the "normal" world worth clinging to, that would halt his slide to disaster. Viewed from that aspect, maybe Farf *would* make a good partner for him.
2/24/2003 c3 Lii
Not bad, not bad at all. Quite good in fact. Excessive amounts of slang are good, so long as they don't confuse people. That's an interesting pairing-Farf+Yoji. Not one I see often. Good work.
2/24/2003 c2 Briar Rose6
So there's the cold, all-business working Crawford, and the more personable, "after-hours" Brad. Why should that surprise anyone? Crawford and Aya make a wonderful pairing. Beautiful, perceiptive characterization of Aya, like Brad's tree, ". strong and cold. .who could stand calmly through a storm, a person who might just be safe. He was tough, wasn't going to die just when I needed him."
2/24/2003 c4 7Kasra
*grin* SchuOmi is one of my favorite pairings, and I really like the way you've handled it in this fic. I especially like the concept that Schuldig would be interested in Omi because he's the one that can "quiet the voices." I also like that Omi isn't immediately willing, but that it takes him some time to finally come around.

Really interesting story overall - I like that you've got some very untraditional pairings in there especially. I think you could make me into a FarfYohji fan, even.

Anyhow, I enjoyed it alot, and I hope to read more from you in the future! ^_^
2/24/2003 c2 Aniron
I like them lots. I like a lot of what you've got on here. Keep it up, and let me know when there's more!
1/23/2003 c1 1Ryuke-Naoe
interesting. something that doesn't portray tot as a annoying little hairbrained child. i probably wouldn't mind her if it wasn't for the costume. that just... *twitch*
1/21/2003 c1 Kat
Wai! I liked the way you described Tot - very nice! I'm glad there's another person out there who likes Tot- *heh*

Can't wait for more! :D

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