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1/19/2018 c3 1bluebird397
Please update this wonderful, and magnificent story soon.
4/23/2017 c3 2tangerinee
oh my gAAAAWWWDD, I love it! Time travel fix-its are my jAM! That latest chapter was so nice, it's great that Jim tries to "start over" with his mom :33
3/17/2017 c3 Veryndill
I love this ! I really do hope you will continue this fic sometimes, the premisces sound wonderfull!

How will Jim get about meeting the others early ? How will the Tarsus-like survival course be and how will Jim fare ? (I wonder if they do it in teams... Would be fun for Jim to lock arms with some of his old/new friends here!)
3/5/2017 c3 Gin
Please update soon , i love this fic ;)
2/28/2017 c3 12Crystalzap
lol nice : James T Kirk taking on villains running through battlefields and saving planets but he shall manfully run away from Angry Doctor lectures XD
12/27/2016 c3 Guest
Great story! I love it so far. Can't wait to read more!
~ Whovianeverlark17
12/27/2016 c3 Aoyasha
Oh my, so beautiful. I may have cried a little with the fluffy mother moment. I like the relationship between Jim and his mom, not many actually explore the relationship.
I love to see jim in the survival course, it'll be funny to see him surprising everyone
Hope you update soon
12/25/2016 c3 27zeynel
I LOVE THIS ! ! ! It is a great idea ! Wonder how Jim is gonna arrange to meet the others... (well, he seems set on meeting hekov and Sulu first here ! )
12/24/2016 c3 Shadow Eclipse
Love it as usual
Can't wait
12/6/2016 c1 11Carolinagirl117
I do like it, his age was a surprise though. But it's cool seeing him older I guess. He's pretty funny... but almost too child-like. I dunno, I just figured he'd be a bit wiser.. he seems immature almost. But I do like the first chapter so far. It's good work, just my own little opinion.
12/2/2016 c3 atymer
This is the first 'goes back in time' story for Trek I have seen. So I'm going to give it a go.
I'm curious how Jim will connect with his crew and make peace with his family. Will it be earth destroyed this time before Vulcan? Or will Jim actions undermine the plans of the idiot who sent him back?
11/28/2016 c3 17BrickSheep
A pleasant surprise to see this story updated. Although in the end, I supposed that's my fault, because I tend to be impatient. A little nick of mine that I'm still working on but despite this I enjoyed reading through. I feel that this is very... very... Kirk. You've written him well - and Bones too - and wow was it nice to have Kirk talk to his mom. We don't get to see her much in anything really - including fanfiction - so that was a nice change. I can say that it's almost original for you to include motherly bonding with Kirk since so many authors tend to avoid that and focus on Kirk's step-dad.

Right - back on Bones - the way you wrote him was just SO like him. He's such a worry-wart x'D I swear he has a 'kirk' sensor somewhere in his brain that acts like a sixth sense every time there's something off with Kirk. When I read "Dammit kid." I could hear his voice speaking in my head - but maybe I'm just too immersed in this chapter. Thanks, once again, for lighting up my day.
11/28/2016 c3 2kamiam714
woo I cant wait for more!
11/12/2016 c2 3quicksilvergold
Wow, this sounds amazing!
11/10/2016 c2 Aoyasha
Oh my...
You leave me hanging from a cliff there, this fic is super interesting
I don't thing that i ever saw one like this, its ultra original, at least on this fanbase
Keep going
You're doing great
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