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10/22/2020 c32 6KingJGamer
I'm still waiting for the mix if the person who made SUNSTAR, Lala, Netto's mom, the Puki Puki magical girl, some other magic people, to create Voltron. The ultimate protector of the galaxy made from the combination of Super Science and Advanced Magic.

And then it fights Andromeda and permanently ends its threat.
10/21/2020 c6 KingJGamer
Now that I know that the highest DxD class is a planet buster level, then I know shit absolutely going to go down when Mega Man out here taking a dip in a blackhole no problem
10/7/2020 c15 EndlessStarlights
Oh man, the chaos... So many characters, so many plots behind the scenes, so many enemies
9/6/2020 c1 10Vegeta the 3rd
I'm finding it kinda hard to get into this. Like, you crossover Star Force Mega Man and High School DxD together (a crazy concept in of itself), but instead of using either Geo Stelar/Subaru Hoshikawa or Issei Hyodou, or even both at the same time, you create an OC-stand-in who is practically anime Subaru in all but name. You even seem to write both stories anime sequences beat by beat instead of creating a unique fusion. And because you seem to be following a script, the writing itself is stiff. You write about Netto doing mundane things like brushing his teeth. In a way that is simultaneously supposed to be important and yet treated like an afterthought. I don't care if Netto showers, or folds his laptop part way for whatever reason. If I should care, it should be told in a way that makes it feel important instead of cluttered all in one paragraph.

Nothing here makes me want to read more and see what happens. The first intro paragraphs seem to just tell us the setting quickly rather than easing us into the world building. I get it's a bit hard but exposition should be done that grips the attention just enough before letting the relevant fact not overstay its welcome.

Only thing I think is unique is the redking text scene (and the kind of obnoxious fourth-wall joke saying "no you don't really pronounce all the numbers and letters like that"), but I think that just sets up the Occult summon ticket that will happen later. The fact this is more intended to be a homage to Kamen Rider Bushido than either Mega Man or DxD also feels a bit disingenuious IMO. So... yeah I don't think I want to read any more of this. Sorry for the critical review but you asked a while back what I thought of it and this is what I think.
8/11/2020 c1 dragonologistnatsu
Megaman DXD: Among The Stars
8/9/2020 c14 dragonologistnatsu
Cat Planet Cuties please!
8/9/2020 c32 dragonologistnatsu
A Suggestion: 1. Leo Rook (aka Leo Kingdom), Pegasus Bishop (aka Pegasus Magic), Dragon Knight (aka Dragon Sky), and Red Queen (aka Red Joker). 2. Zerker Rook, Saurian Bishop, Ninja Knight, and Black Queen (aka Black Ace). 3. Tribe King when he become a King?. 4. A gift from Ddraig or Azazel, Netto gets a Sacred Gear that is like Biometal Model X and Biometal Model Z.
6/15/2020 c14 Snake551g
I honeslty do like the story man in all honesty I just find it a but much that a seemingly elite infiltration team struggles against a person who is new to just about everything going on around them. don't get me wrong characters and flow of the story have been very solid with some cool moments here and there
5/19/2020 c32 Guest
I finally got to this chapter and read it. It was a really great chapter but please don't take so long to get the next one which shouldn't be a problem because the Corona virus has us all stuck at our homes.
5/13/2020 c2 Bluzerker
Sigh, whatever. I enjoyed the writing, even tho it’s a copy and paste from the megaman starforce show. And I loved the fights unlike how Netta got gutted for fucking plot convenience sake. It’s my fault for thinking it was going to be any different. Your story is fine, and I’m glad your writing a crossover with one of my favorite version of the megaman franchise. But with how he’s already a devil, and Rias already having Netta as part of her peerage, I know that I’m just goin to read the same Highschool DxD plot, with all of the g characters meeting the same fate as always. Asia dying and becoming a devil for Netta not saving her in time. Riser and the rating games being the same, the wedding crash. Sigh I’m so tired with this series, putting devils as the misunderstood underdog, humans being put as close to animals when it comes to the supernatural,
Glad that your still updating for your audience to enjoy, keep up the good work and bless ya.
5/13/2020 c1 Bluzerker
Why?!why is it always this trope of turning characters into devil just so they can just be part of the main cast!? It’s so boring! And overrated! Gah! I dislike it so much! Finally I science vs magic crossover and it’s ruined by Turing this geo stand in a ducking DEVIL! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
5/5/2020 c32 3DragonXDelinquent
Well after this I hope Netto will pull the trigger on the FM-ians one day

They probably killed hundreds by now after all this havoc and the entire city's water being transformed means lots of people either lost limbs or outright died (baths for example)
4/24/2020 c32 Henry Mancini
What made you think SSSS was a good thing to adapt?
4/18/2020 c32 Guest
That pun in the title totally sucks.

Surprisingly fun to read though, especially with what you say it was based on.
4/18/2020 c32 12ahsoei
A little confused when I found the other FMians assuming Sona, Saji and Ravel's appearance, but looking forward to see more debacle between science and magic in this one.
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