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6/20/2016 c22 jlmayer
Glad that Jamie and Eddie had some fun bonding time over pizza and beers! Rose really blew it! Hope that Eddie doesn't pay the price for that mistake!
6/19/2016 c22 71dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm thinking jamie made a rash but understandible decision i think he's falling for Eddie camt wait for more.
As for the new stories i say ho for it.
6/19/2016 c22 JamieandEddieLuv
no interest
6/19/2016 c22 15werks
I think Jamie jumped the gun a little there with Rose, probably worried about Syd and her previous errors, but he messed up too in the beginning. He needs a break and I have a feeling maybe Eddie won't be so happy about it.
6/19/2016 c22 dorvell
Buy a series of stages in Eddie's life, do you mean Life after her injury and how she eventually learns to live with what she has? If so, I'm definitely on board!

I quite agree that Jamie is still unwilling to completely… How shall I say it… Let Eddie go as it were. He could just as easily have done that same thing if he were clipping her toenails and her foot jerked. I honestly don't believe Rose did that intentionally.

Really looking forward to Eddie's night out in the next chapter, but it better be with the old gang from the 12th including Jamie!
6/19/2016 c21 Nancy
Sorry...that last review was mine...
6/19/2016 c21 Guest
I am impressed that your writing never feels forced...your story has a nice flow...that is impressive being that the subject matter is so very heavy. This is not normally a story I would make myself be a part of so thank you for broadening my horizons.
In every relationship there is a "gardener" and a "flower" and the reason his relationship works better with Eddie than Sydney is because they have the capability of being both for each other in knowing the others needs so instinctively. The man being a good "gardener" is the key...and that's Jamie for sure! Kudos on another awesome chapter!
6/18/2016 c21 dorvell
About time he lets it all out! He needed to do that.

As for why this is Rosa's first and last week? I have two theories. One, she has never dealt with anything like this before and two, she's abusive towards Eddie.

I am kind of put off, though that Jamie turned two applicants away simply because they were men. I mean, does he think that guys are in capable of that kind of thing?
6/18/2016 c21 werks
Great update. Poor Jamie is being torn in too many directions, he needs Eddie and not Syd.
6/17/2016 c21 Dorothy
Great update! I'm not sure why people are being so silent in their reviews. I see you have plenty of followers. I think it takes another writer to really speak up and comment. Keep up the good work.
6/17/2016 c21 34Yanks302021
Poor Jamie it's a lot to take on, good thing for Henry they love their Eddie. Can't wait for more please update soon.
6/17/2016 c21 Lea
What a catch 22 for poor Jamie. He needs his wife's help with Eddie as well as emotional support for himself. Since her disability hasn't gone through yet they also need Syd's money to help with Eddie and her needs. Tough spot to be in for sure! Have to admit it touched my heart for Jamie to break down like that!
6/17/2016 c21 71dragonsprit
Excellent chapter Jamie cracking wasn't a shock i wonder if Henry's remark about Eddie and Jamie will result in jemko can't wait for more.
6/17/2016 c21 jlmayer
Poor Jamie! Everything just came crashing down in on him. I feel for him! Hope after Rose he can get someone who helps him out more! Glad he has Henry!
6/16/2016 c20 25lawslave
Jamie is an amazing friend, but yes, he is becoming overly consumed.
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