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6/11/2016 c18 15werks
Way to go Sean, good that Eddie got out and among the family. Something like that would be a. big adjustment for everyone. Good update!
6/10/2016 c17 26lawslave
I admire J & S for what they are doing, but there is so much to learn and watch out for! It's like caring for a large child and being vigilant. That takes a lot of dedication that Jamie has in spades, Sydney just didn't understand the magnitude of it all.
6/9/2016 c17 jlmayer
It's a tough position to be in when you are speaking for someone you love, and want them to live and they want no life saving measures. I've been there with my sister(when her heart was failing) and it's the hardest thing in the world when the Doctor wants to do live saving measures and you have to say no. You did wonderful catching Jamie's emotion with that.
6/9/2016 c17 Dorothy
Sydney is some piece of work! That's just plain dumb, I think maybe you're going for the subconscious angle. Eddie's gonna end up dead if they aren't more careful.
6/9/2016 c17 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm thinking Syd sees the writing on the wall already shes going to snap.
As for Eddie i think the depression is getting to her hopefully she gets help can't wait for more.
6/9/2016 c17 15werks
Oy, Sydney better not plan on having any children, unintentional or not. Perhaps it is subconscious but she is too self centered.
6/9/2016 c17 dorvell
I know quite a few people who have DNRs and of course, I'm not going to mention their names out of courtesy for them; let's just say they are people I am extremely close to. I don't know what I would do if one of them were put in the position where the only way they could live would be on machines, and I hope to God I never find out. I would like to think I would be able to respect their wishes, as Jamie needs to learn to do as hard as that must be, but I just don't know. Heavy stuff, my friend, but well worth the read as always!
6/8/2016 c16 26lawslave
Thank god for Linda and Jamie! What a scary situation for Eddie and the rest of them.
6/8/2016 c16 JamkoRules
Such a great story and wonderful update!
6/7/2016 c16 Dorothy
Another lovely update! You write the characters very realistically, as if they were in the situation. There is nothing idealistic about your writing, it is all very raw and emotional. I have taught English and creative writing for 38 years, you are gifted.
6/7/2016 c16 34Yanks302021
Oh man thank god Eddie is okay Jamie is definately a better caregiver! Please update soon
6/7/2016 c16 dorvell
Scary stuff!
6/7/2016 c16 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm glad Eddie is okay but something tells me Sydney might want out i wonder how that will affect the dynamic can't wait for more.
6/7/2016 c16 15werks
That would be very scary, but I can picture Sydney reacting like that. She didn't strike me as being good in a crisis, lol.
6/7/2016 c16 jlmayer
Wow! Nurse Linda rocked it with caring for Eddie! What a great chapter! I did think it was sweet that Sydney wanted to do the girly things like painting her nails etc. Sydney did sound really overwhelmed by what happened. Looking forward to your next update.
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