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for That's What Love Is For

6/5/2016 c15 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter hopefully Eddie continues to adjust cant wait for more.
6/5/2016 c15 dorvell
Oh no. The next update kind of scares me. I'm well aware of Sydnee's jealous streak as of late when it comes to Jamie and Eddie, which makes me wonder if Eddie's "medical crisis" is going to be deliberate on Sydnee's part. God, I hope not!
6/5/2016 c15 jlmayer
Wow, so many steps to remember! It was great to read how Eddie was so proud of herself when she accomplished learning to do things on her own. Looking forward to the next update!
6/5/2016 c15 Guest
Great Chapter and excited for the next update! Wondering how Syd will handle the medical crisis and what Linda does to rescue her! (Also wondering about Jamie's reaction when all of this happens!)
6/5/2016 c15 15werks
The level of detail you offer is really wonderful in imagining what life would be like for Eddie in that situation. Nice chapter!
6/4/2016 c14 26lawslave
So amazing what S and J are doing for Eddie, giving her a real place to call home...but that moment in the bathroom...uh oh.
6/3/2016 c14 dorvell
Bit of an embarrassing slip up there, Jamie and Eddie! Honestly, I expected Sydnee to walk in on them during that little scene. Oh man, would there be hell to pay for that!

Speaking of Sydney even though you said that she will hang on at first, I have a feeling she will be out either at the end of this story or close to it. Only one way to find out, and that is Keep reading!
6/3/2016 c14 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm thinking this is the beginning of jemko interested to see how this turns out.
6/3/2016 c14 15werks
That was so nice of them to set all of that up for her, not hard to see where this will go with Syd though. Buhbye :)
6/3/2016 c14 jlmayer
Caring for someone in Eddie's condition is definitely a service of love. To think you could do 1 thing wrong and accidentally harm the patient. Great Chapter!
6/3/2016 c14 edge15684
That was awesome. Jamie is such a good man. Eddie is lucky to have him.
6/2/2016 c13 Guest
Now it's getting exciting! Can't wait for Eddie to come home!
6/2/2016 c13 werks
Well, we can see where Jamie's focus is now, and Syd's just not gonna like it when it's so close to home. Interesting dynamic!
6/1/2016 c13 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm hoping Syd doesn't think of doing anything crazy which i wouldn't put past her.
Something tells me jemko happens somehow can't wait for more.
6/1/2016 c13 jlmayer
I was wondering about Syd's line of questioning. Interesting chapter! Looking forward to the next installment!
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