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5/9/2016 c4 15werks
Poor Eddie, what a nightmare to go through and not to have family there for her either. I can't see Sydney remaining supportive for long.
5/7/2016 c3 10Lady Etiquette
Very deep story. Interesting AU take on the Jamie/Eddie/Sydney triangle. As your story is beginning to point out, this scenario would definitely take it's toll on Jamie and in this case his marriage. Looking forward to the next update. Thanks so much for such an intriguing fic!
5/7/2016 c3 34Yanks302021
Glad Jamie was there when she woke up please update soon!
5/7/2016 c3 25lawslave
This was heartbreaking for both Jamie and Eddie. She's very lucky to have Jamie by her side.
5/7/2016 c3 15werks
Poor Sydney becomes the villian in almost everyone's fic. Poor girl. I wish sometimes they would bring her back for one epi on the show. Good chapter on a very difficult topic.
5/6/2016 c3 jlmayer
I cannot imagine the sheer terror Eddie must feel waking up after something like that. I love how Jamie sought spiritual guidance for this situation, and just didn't rely on his own feelings or those of Sydney, and the Doctor's! Loved the discussion, and prayerful time that Jamie spent with the Priest!
5/6/2016 c3 71dragonsprit
Another gut wrenching chapter hopefully Eddie is able to have some type of a life post injury and Jamie finds his way to her Syd is no his one can't wait for more.
5/6/2016 c3 dorvell
Wow. Powerful stuff!

That's really all I can say for this one. I mean that in a good way, though.
5/5/2016 c2 Guest
I can't wait for the next update
5/5/2016 c2 2Daniel Reagan
Can't wait for more info it's amazing I love it please update soon-Danny out
5/5/2016 c2 jlmayer
It's so touching that she has a "new" family to care for her through this. Great story and can't wait for more!
5/5/2016 c2 15werks
Very powerful stuff, and it's weird for me to kind of like Sydney but I did.
5/5/2016 c2 edge15684
That story is really sad so far. You're doing a good job
5/5/2016 c2 dorvell
It is indeed unlike any other BB fanfiction currently out there. In the hands of a lot of other people, the paralysis would probably be a temporary thing and it would have a fairytale ending. I love happy endings as much as the next person, but a lot of stories are just way out there. This is a great story so far, heartbreaking though it may be, and I'm really looking forward to Saturday!
5/4/2016 c2 71dragonsprit
Gut wrenching chapter i really do hope Eddie makes it. You're doing an amazing job cant wait for more.
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