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for That's What Love Is For

7/17/2016 c36 72dragonsprit
Nice chapter i'm glad Eddie's okay but i have a feeling this sets off a tug of war for Eddie's heart can't wait for more.
7/17/2016 c36 NancyReviews
Well I see three people here that are clearly no longer in denial. The first of course is Jamie, the second is Sydney, and the third finally Eddie.
I know under different circumstances Eddie could probably learn to love John. But with love it just doesn't work that way, you love who you love and substitution isn't possible no matter how hard she tries.
Eddie is certainly the strongest character in the story. This was an awesome chapter really poignant writing. We feel for each of these characters, no one is a winner here.
7/17/2016 c36 jlmayer
Poor girl! Makes you wonder how much she is going to have to endure. Glad John is so attentive to Eddie. She needs to go out and have some fun! This may tip Jamie over the edge though!
7/17/2016 c36 LuvJamieReagan
Ahhh, the beginning of a sweet relationship! Hope that John can last around Jamie! Jamie might see him as competition!
7/17/2016 c36 Lea
I like John. He seems to really care for Eddie!
7/16/2016 c35 LuvJamieReagan
I think that Jamie needs to take some time and collect himself...and really think about what he wants. His responsible side keeps him with Sydney but, his heart is screaming Eddie.
7/16/2016 c35 26lawslave
Poor Eddie, she just can't catch a break. I'm glad Jamie caught himself at the end and at least he didn't throw John out.
7/15/2016 c35 dorvell
That's the only way Jon could've known she was in the hospital in this chapter. We know Jamie wnever would have told him.

I hope he does stick around at least for a little bit.
7/15/2016 c35 15werks
Tough one. Poor Eddie. Hopefully things start to look up for her soon.
7/15/2016 c35 72dragonsprit
Excellent chapter glad Eddie's okay i wonder if John will actually stay and I think Jamie is falling for Eddie i wonder how that plays out can't wait for more.
7/15/2016 c35 Guest
see i love this story nut jamie is not only a cheat but he is betraying his family his church and most of god. i just dont see it. but the joys of fanfiction is you can do what you want. an i look forward to the day sydney tells his stupid cheating ass off and leaves.
7/15/2016 c35 Lea
My goodness! Poor Jamie needs to calm down! Hope he doesn't stroke himself out!
7/15/2016 c35 NancyReviews
Jamie's starting to have an epiphany... Henry, Linda, even the nurse sees it! Eddie is the strong one. John has known Eddie 4 seconds and he sees it. Sydney exit stage left!
Writing fit for TV! I wish the script writers could take a lesson!
7/15/2016 c35 jlmayer
Really fear for Jamie that he is going to have a mental breakdown over all the stress with Eddie, John, and Sydney!
7/14/2016 c34 26lawslave
Oh, Jamie! Still too overprotective but that last part is not going to get him to ease up...poor Eddie, and she had such a nice time with John too.
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