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for That's What Love Is For

7/11/2016 c33 Guest
i think jamie is disguting and his poor mother would turn in her grave. he is a lying cheating basrard. you dont have to have sex to be a cheat
7/11/2016 c33 71dragonsprit
Excellent chapter I'm glad the date went well i wonder if this next fight is the last straw can't wait for more.
7/10/2016 c32 25lawslave
Green-eyed monster is coming out. It it's good to see Eddie trying to move on.
7/10/2016 c32 LuvJamieReagan
Gotta luv caring Jamie Reagan! Even if he is a bit suffocating! LOL!
7/10/2016 c32 15werks
Wow, it will be tough for Jamie to let her go, I bet he has them tailed. lol.
7/9/2016 c32 34Yanks302021
Uh oh Jamie will not make this easy for Eddie great writing! Please update soon!
7/9/2016 c32 71dragonsprit
Great chapter hopefully the date goes well i wonder if this leads to Eddie or Jamie doing something crazy can't wait for more.
7/9/2016 c32 Lea
Whoot-Woo! Eddie has a date!
7/9/2016 c32 Guest
i think jamie is acting like a royal asshole. i really dont care for eddie either. youve made syd likable.
7/9/2016 c32 NancyReviews
So now I actually feel worse for Jamie than I do for either disabled Eddie or jilted Sydney! He's got it bad... I hope this John guy doesn't loose the other leg at Jamie's hand!
7/9/2016 c32 JamieandEddieLuv
Yay! Eddie went on a date!
7/9/2016 c32 jlmayer
Jamie's not dealing with this very well is he?! Looking forward to more updates on John Abbott!
7/7/2016 c31 dorvell
So, now we know why Sydnee was so determined to sign Eddie up for that dating site. She doesn't want her to find love as much as she wants her away from Jamie. I know I'm being captain obvious, but...

I give it at least 10 chapters, or maybe fewer than that, before we say bye-bye to Sydney.
7/7/2016 c31 Lea
Sean is just as cute as he could be in this chapter! Sure hope you do more with him and Eddie in future chapters!
7/7/2016 c31 25lawslave
What a fantastic day for Eddie minus the emotions at the end, but it's understandable. She needs someone to love her too.
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