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12/11/2019 c7 Kyle
Actually their are records of Jesus you just won't find them in your social places like Reddit. They block things especially anything that will make them look bad. You've been had!
12/11/2019 c6 Kyle
(Belches and I don't mean that Earthbound boss) We DO have nobles here on Earth just not in title. They own most of our companies and industries making decisions at the top. Companies haven't been independent since what is known as the WW2 monopolies.

We don't have capitalism anymore and that is why things are so broken it's only capitalism in name. When you break the math that works then you get things that don't work as you have the wrong equations in the picture.

We have Soros at the bottom he pays people to destroy countries and funded Antifa to destroy cities. His goal has always been to destroy nations within that have too much power since WW2 he started with Britain forcing it to join the EU by making it not work independently until he caused the Sterling Pound Crisis by bad investments and he later worked to destroy America by overloading the system first taking God out of schools so people will have no basis of right and wrong in their mind. Those who don't have God don't have a sound mind.

Then he (and other groups) have purposely fed lies in the school indoctirnation programs to keep people stupid and under control so they can't think for themselves and we now have group A vs group B fighting. No middle idea is allowed.

There are multiple sources for this. Too many to list here and Google is in BIG BIG trouble for manipulating. If it can still be found look up the secret interview with Google and their political search manipulation. It goes very VERY deep and they feel justified for it.

It goes a lot more then that but since your likely grown up with MSM garbage anything I say will go out the other ear. I'm not wasting anymore time.

Summary: We do have nobles that control the mast majority of the earth's resources under lock and key so they can save their own butts in their private bunkers which YOU are not invited.
12/11/2019 c3 Kyle
"We need to take them to a hospital." "A hospital! What is it?"
12/11/2019 c2 Kyle
Well guess what buster. Most Americans (except those who have no God and mostly hate our country) don't do those things (except smoke and drink perhaps) both are bad for you anyways long term. You'd think this story was from the mid 60s or something with all the pot heads.

GROW UP! It's the 21st century! Not hippy 60. You liberals that are throwing fits because of Trump don't want to go past that. Most of us have. TV shows stereotypes. Hollywood is corrupt and it's not hard (Unless it's been all scrubbed) how corrupt it all is. It goes very deep.
12/11/2019 c1 Kyle
There's a huge difference between bag language and excessive language. You can't lump things together. I can handle some bad language but when it's excessive it is no longer fun to read and makes me want to vomit. I feel sorry for whatever is going on their brain.
11/17/2018 c9 6Captiosus
So is this story dead or what?
8/8/2018 c9 DaMan
Continue. You know you want to.
4/26/2018 c8 1The Dip
Still waiting...
4/7/2018 c9 GundamExia247
lol to the omake.
2/18/2018 c9 2Francisco914
Oh, no did Donald kidnap the author?!
1/24/2018 c1 Guest
interesante historia me gusto mucho seria bueno que se use las armas nucleares en esa guerra
4/20/2017 c9 Blessings of Babylon
Ullo mate, just caught up to this story. And since you are BEGGING for reviews ill have to go out of my way to satisfy you.

Just kidding, i was gonna do so anyway! :P

The overall impression fo the story so far is good. I have a huge love for modern-people-go-to-reactionary times, like in Anime such as GATE or Outbreak Company, cause i just love seeing the character interactions. Its always fun.

So far, however, there hasnt been enough of that. It seems, so far, that you are just setting up the plot, though, so i wont say that its a bad thing. Theres always time for you to do that.

The plotline seems to be marching on solidly, and beyond a few issues - ill say what - theres nothing wrong with it. Again, at this point, its still just set up really, so i cant say whether or not its particularly engaging or interesting. Its readable, and im enjoying it, but before too long some real advancement is called for.

That said, i feel like youve done two poor things; One, would be the Characterisation of Victor. I just cant get a read on him! It wasnt until chapter 7 i finally realised he was a good guy, and not out to ruin everything by being an arsehole! What does he want? Where does he plan to go? What motivates him to keep moving through the world? Im not sure if its just me, but a it more characterisation is what im hoping for. Its probably just me.

That, and in the list of technologies presented for food, chapter 8, you list the printing press. Dissemination of information to the public is one of the key factors of the Reformation in Europe, which led to a series of bloody wars - civil and not - that resulted in the death of millions. The way Halk's going, its probably going to happen regardless, but any historian who knows about the printing press would say; Printing press results in death. Sure, lots of really really good things happen AFTER the death, but still. Death comes first. In my opinion, the Printing Press is the single most important invention mankind has made since... agriculture. Im no official historian, though, im just a fan.

But thats just the history nerd in me talking. This is a fanfiction, not Guns Germs and Steel. Millions dont need to die for silly reasons. Its out of my system, now, so i can move on. Dont worry about it, i just had to get that off my chest.


Well, my overall impression so far is that this is a very solid foundation for a story. I feel that, so far, the plot hasnt actually started in force, so i cant really comment on much except for TEENY TINY things, like my completely unjustified rant about the Press, above. Overall, the story is absolutely worth reading so far and i will fave and follow. I absolutely hope to see this continued.
3/23/2017 c9 5Ridli Scott
Interesting... in the chinese way.
3/21/2017 c8 Guest
lol arrogant bullshit to assume the printing press, or an equivalent, exists not there, when the series has shown many things to say they do, and the time period is roughly Early Modern European and centuries after Gutenberg.

Further, the setting is rather misleading in it's knowledge, the author having been rather thorough in doing two things, first, coloring many modern scientific ideas in a way that resembles Western ideas of magic and natural philosophy, and the second, taking those interpretations and framing the narrative in similar concepts in Japanese culture. That's a large part of the story arc where Saito had a sort of crisis about brainwashing, because the idea of Shikigami, whose form and origins aren't universally fixed, but are always subjects of another's will to varying degrees.

Another thing to consider is that there is magic, and that it's to some degree or another inherited. The most democratic system I can imagine, when it's acknowledged that not all magicians are nobles, is a sort of perpetual civil war, where a continuous cycle of magicians try to unseat the previously established powers, with the commoners simultaneously oppressed by that, and complicit, as the efforts to, say, grow a field of crops is significantly less when someone uses magic, even if most of the yield goes elsewhere. Meritocratic juntas, basically.

In short, bone up better on the tech, bone up better on the magic, and, oh, there's magic, so bone up more on what the social, political, and economic effects such things would have.
1/5/2017 c9 Osprey
Ok hope you get the next chapter out soon and the scars from the election are but a flesh wound
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