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8/30/2018 c7 LDKlove
6/28/2017 c8 Diamondheartwarrior
Please write another chapter quickly! No pressure *cough*
6/28/2017 c5 Diamondheartwarrior
Your n awesome writer I have no idea why people don't review a lot
2/24/2017 c5 Anonymous
Thank you for writing this. I hope you keep on going.
12/3/2016 c7 OrangeCheshire
I love this story, it's just so different and is written so nicely, and I'm so very happy that it's still here and going, things are happening and I can't wait to see how it all goes, I'm really looking forward to the next update!
9/17/2016 c5 YeahHi
This fanfic is so interesting! Please write more! I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/18/2016 c3 Bullfrog
There is so much I love about this story, and it's really refreshing, a lot of times when I read stories like these they're just a chore to read. I think it's because while the world you've set up is gritty it's not... er... 2edgy5me you know? It doesn't feel like you're trying to make this dark for darkness sake, you're simply writing a story that requires this type of atmosphere.
I thought it was interesting to make Khaji da an actual human character, and maybe it's just my expectations but it doesn't seem like he's physically there, and I suppose that's also because Jaime hasn't had a real conversation with him yet. I like the mysterious-ness of it all, I hope you take advantage of it. And I'm also intrigued how else Bart is gonna play in all of this, I thought his and Jaime's introduction to each other was adorable and I guess I also just want to see more interactions between Jaime and the other members of the group.
I was a little thrown off about the whole "trust no one not even your closest teammates" to the "lucky I had such great friends". To me at least it didn't come across that any of them even liked each other until this chapter. I think I get what you were going for with the fact that since they ARE street kids it isn't easy for them to trust each other but they sort of do anyway? The "sort of do anyway" only now came to be at least for me. I'm not expecting them all to sit around a fire and sing kumbaya or anything, like I said I felt more of a comradary in this chapter (despite the stick beating part but that is essential to family, crime and punishment and all) and it's cool, everything's still moving forward. I hope to read more!
6/4/2016 c3 27Boogalee99
I don't think I've ever seen Richard portrayed so cruelly. Very interesting. Good job :)
5/12/2016 c2 Guest
Great story! Keep going :)
5/9/2016 c2 7misswinterandsnow
well this is adorable. this is about as adorable as it gets. you took young justice and made them homeless people and I am not even mad.

as for constructive criticism, there isn't really that much to say at all. the only thing that is kind of a complaint is that if someone has been on the streets long enough to be a drug addict, it isn't too likely that they would still be as immature enough to brag about there is a pretty noticeable different between 5 and 9 and Bart could probably change the answer to something a little more that's not really all the big of a deal, and real doesn't matter. the fact the I bothered to write it down just proves that I like this fanfic a lot.
5/3/2016 c1 4Neon-Necromancer
This is really well written. Never came across a fic with this as the premise, and your doing a great job working with it. Honestly, can't wait to see where this is going.
5/3/2016 c1 2Cj59
Omg I love it! You write really well. :) This is really good!

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