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4/9/2020 c13 rip
just a heads up, but the ao3 version is not up to date. It is only up to ch11. ... although the story looks dead anyways... Maybe? Well, I certainly wouldn't mind a surprise revival lmao, this is one of the best Kirby or FE crossovers I've ever read
8/14/2019 c13 very naisu
Great story and writing! You write from multiple/differing perspectives very well. I wonder if the Hierophant wants the Crystal Stars to try to control or release the Shadow Queen, or merely for their power.

also blease i want my precious boy kirby back in although, at this point in the story, his powerlevel is a bit too high, and he can't really be "nerfed" in the same way Meta Knight (injury, no Galaxia) or Dedede (no mask available) have been nerfed, I suppose.
6/11/2019 c13 Guest
What are you going to do with Erdrick and Banjo?
4/21/2019 c13 Guest
Thankfully for Grima these godslayers are on different continents. Or in the case of meta knight, missing Galaxia. dedede is missing his best gear too.
2/27/2019 c13 Benzaiten
After reading this great story, I realize I have a few questions. Will this story merely take place in Fire emblem Awakening, or will they travel throughout the world? Also, Grima does realize the gods and god slayers out ther could easily kill him? Examples include Paulutena, Shulk, Bayonetta, and Kirby (who could hit a world ending meteor thousands of light years away, destroying planets on the way in a few seconds).
1/19/2019 c13 castlevania lore
looks like the link didnt go through, but searching for "castlevania wiki castlevania timeline" should work
1/19/2019 c13 Castlevania Lore

Summary of the series, according to above link:

Mathias Cronqvist's wife died while he was on a crusade, so he got really salty at God. Sacrificing his friend's wife, he becomes a immortal vampire to defy God, and thus takes the name Dracula. The friend who's wife was sacrificed was Leon Belmont, who used the soul of his wife Sara to create the Vampire Killer whip, and swore that his family would hunt "the night."

Dracula was chill for a while. He eventually remarried, had a son, Adrian (later known as Alucard), but then his wife was tried and killed as a witch. So he got really salty at mankind in general, declared war, which prompted the Belmont family to hunt him.

And the rest of the series is basically Belmonts, such as Simon or Richter, running into Castlevania, killing Dracula, but then Dracula eventually revives, rinse and repeat. Sometimes Alucard helps kill his dad too. Usually the protagonists are these Belmonts, and Alucard that one time.

At one point, Richter was ashamed of being mind controlled, so he passed on the Vampire Killer to a branch family. This branch family fights Dracula for a few resurrections as the protagonists, until finally the Belmonts return, and then seal Dracula's powers and his castle away. Dracula is slain permanently, though he is fated to reincarnate as a new person.

Dracula is then reincarnated into Soma Cruz, though he has lost his memories of being Dracula and his anger towards humanity (he doesn't really want anything to do with being Dracula). Due to the reemergence of Castlevania and some cults attempting to revive Dracula, Soma becomes the latest protagonist of the series against these new threats.
1/11/2019 c13 BuizelKing01
I read this story a long time ago, but forgot to follow it... So I missed a lot of chapters,

I need reread it to refresh my memory, but for now... I'll talk about what I do remember but first this chapter

I love Gaius at the end, how triggered he was someone misuse the power of candy, make much better reason to join.

For Incineroar... I kinda... sorta... wish Vaike doesn't received it, I think that is too obvious... and kinda uninteresting... I feel like that's more of a Henry, Lon'Qu Gregor type of guy, or even Olivia since she shy and Incineroar personality is not also maybe even Chrom... it'll be fun to see chrom with a prideful wrestler, that eager to test his strength, so sadistic in battles but outside of it, he much more chill, cocky and mellow especially to kids, so Chrom having him, can be fun since he will have the first children that join the team. Incineroar can be a role model for them for never giving up.

That being said... if you planning on having all units have pokemon, I feel like they should have it before their children joined, like... Chrom having his pokemon before Lucina joins them.

What else... I think it was a right idea to add Chrom into the fanfiction four main characters thing... but I do think it's a bad idea to remove Dedede for it... I think Chrom should replace Pikachu or Meta Knight since Dedede is more important to the story so far.

Speaking of the king, you are writing King Dedede really, really well, I like him... it took traits of the anime and you took how he is a good guy in the games, and made them mesh really well together...

However! For main pokemon, like pokemon in smash, I think the character that will be most revelant to the plot should have the pokemon fighters, like incineroar or Jigglypuff. Solely they are the star pokemon they should have characters you want to focus on, but that is up to you.

Now other chapters

Ice Climbers love them, and glad that they got their shine in Arena Ferox, and like the inclusion of Anna and Delibird, but kinda wish there was another character there, like Ness... I get it hard to write all these characters, you planning to have every character have a pokemon and write the entirety of the fire emblem awakening roster, smash bros roster and even more depends on how you do things...

I lowkey wonder how you will do corrin with Inigo, Owain and Severa, I dunno... I'm curious I guess... I'll wait and see~

I like to see Robin panic in that one unexpected battle, it make him feel... normal I guess, like he is also a player and we have to adapt to situations and lot of players panic... it felt nice to see.

that's all I remember and wanted to say...

Also Are you going to wing it then with Simon and Richter or are you going to look up their games and study their backstories and possibly play one or two games, I am really curious to know.

See ya next time! I hope you stay safe!
1/2/2019 c13 Aevean Leeow
Now that I think about it, the idea that MK is somewhat insecure about his strength makes a lot of sense. The madman did blow up his own ship, for practice presumably. He then proceeded to summon NOVA. He could wish for anything. What does he wish for? To fight the greatest warrior in the galaxy to prove himself. ?

Also, I bet MK really wishes he had Galaxia, being forced to constantly take the weapons of his enemies. Almost reminds me of Kirby, except he doesn't have a Copy Ability to instantly become proficient with their weapons.

And if I had to guess who's getting Incineroar... Vaike?
1/2/2019 c13 BornToDream03
1/1/2019 c13 Additional Stickers
Woah, a New Year treat!
Read this on mobile so I couldn't keep notes as I read, so my thoughts are a bit scattered...

Meta Knight's inner struggle when Panne dissed him was great. Between that, Dedede and Gaius there was a nice bit of levity in this chapter
Also woah, bye bye Validar! Being a bad Pokémon trainer sure does speed up defeat.
Honestly, it's impressive how many characters there are to juggle in both of these series. The fact the cast will only get bigger is... Woooaaah... You handle it really well, though. The fight was engaging!
I'm pretty oblivious re: Castlevania, so I've no handy links for that. On a similar note, I feel like I'm missing some of the over arching plot and hints... But I'm the type who's happy to sit back and see where it goes, haha.

Thanks for the chapter!
12/23/2018 c2 didnt notice
"Mark, Corrin, and Kris were also all thrown out there"

hahahhahaha didnt notice that before
12/10/2018 c12 Guest
I love everything you've done so far! Thank you so much for continuing this story, even when you felt you weren't as prepared as you'd like to be. Looking forward to the next chapter!
12/9/2018 c12 Guest
not really a review but a bit curious: who do you main in smash?
10/24/2018 c12 Aevean Leeow
Glad to see this isn't dead, haha.
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