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12/6/2020 c1 Guest
People/readers/authors of Archive of Our Own I'm looking for a AU Harry Potter fic on this site where the magicals revert to kings and such after the Dark Lord is defeated by the boy who lived, Harry's brother, they decide who will be king by letting Magic it's-self choose and it chose Harry only due to all the BWL hero worship the officials say that Harry's brother was chosen then when he's crowned due to Harry not bowing like everyone else, he could tell that Magic chose Harry instead of him, or he's never liked Harry the new king as his first act strips Harry of his magic, Harry later learns that because he was so magically powerful he's now dying. can someone help me find this fic so I can see if it's been updated since this site doesn't have an alert feature.

There you are, KorinDragoon! I just thought I'd return you the nice comment you left on my fanfic, which strangely had nothing whatsoever to do with my story. You could have at least started with a simple "hey, nice fic!"
8/22/2016 c1 Thorn
It's not the best song but i like it.

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