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5/27 c1 Denie1943
5/6 c1 reisova
Very good fantastic story
8/3/2020 c1 40his-red-head
Damn, that was hot. Great one-shot
6/4/2020 c1 Clare
What a sexy and romantic fic! I love that Maria and Georg are in the middle of a posh upper-class do, but they're having some naughty fun on the side ;) CPlums in glasses too! Yes please! And I agree with Daz, this is begging for a teacher/bad or very good student, whichever way you look at it, sequel :) Still laughing at his joke btw, specs education :) Lols
12/31/2019 c1 someweirdnotions
I have read so many Maria/Georg fics already but I have to say that this one is my newly found favourite! Your characterisation is perfect and the writing is amazing too. Thanks for the pleasure of reading this!
2/21/2018 c1 Saharafire
This was so HOT. I loved it.
10/7/2017 c1 Grunt
4/2/2017 c1 73UndoubtedlyTheWine
Good heavens! This was FREAKING AWESOME! Super sexy :D
1/9/2017 c1 sue92178
Good God almighty, this is steamy! It almost made me swoon and I am just the reader!
12/27/2016 c1 33augiesannie
Wow. I would apologize for the horrible delay in reviewing, except the truth is that every time I revisited this story I got so distracted I couldn't find it in me to type anything coherent! You already know you are a gifted, funny, romantic, sweaty writer and that I adore your stories. The heat between them, the love, the passion - it's all there. "Lapful of wife," "Climbing him like a vine" "her favorite thing" - oh, dash it all, I'd have to repeat the whole story here to do it justice. I'll just go leave some half moons on my laptop instead. Thank you!
10/7/2016 c1 Jammie13
Loved this! The sexy georg is awesome!
10/5/2016 c1 Kitana Mayo
very hot
10/5/2016 c1 Kitana Mayo
very hot
9/10/2016 c1 Cobb
Holy amazeballs! Love it write more stories soon!
7/17/2016 c1 Daz
Christ, this is sexy and funny. I can imagine G and M acting like this tbh, tearing it up at a rich party on the quiet. I vote you write a follow up involving G as a teacher and M as his naughty student, time for some specs education. Lmao off at my own joke. You can use that btw if you want.
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