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7/18/2019 c5 Guest
jaja ese zorro se hace el duro pero se muere sin su zanahoria
7/18/2019 c4 Guest
cielos que exigente
7/18/2019 c5 Guest
ese zorro y sus trucos
6/6/2018 c5 2techno02
Nice work, ending is a bit sudden in my opinion though.
10/30/2016 c5 DA
Did you know that rabbits also mate for life?
10/17/2016 c5 Lecterl
Short and cute. I loved it
10/13/2016 c5 Zeeeemark
very nice! I enjoy this series. You seem to have a thing for pining/hurt Nick, and I can dig it. You say final part, but i definitely wouldnt mind seeing more! Just wanted to say I liked it!
6/20/2016 c5 sunnieKat
I hope this isn't the end O.O oh god does this mean Judy finally is opening up to Nick... I hope so .. OuO or I'll take his love .

Ahhh~ great story just lovely to read !
6/20/2016 c4 sunnieKat
Oh god .. It seems it got worse ... Judy open your eyes xox!

Ah a sad Nick makes me sad.
6/20/2016 c3 sunnieKat
O.O oh god this bunny is crazy
And it's cute that Nick has a Judy doll .3.
6/20/2016 c2 sunnieKat
I can't believe charley believe Judy was a criminal xD
And when did Judy get a bf ! nooo poor nick.
6/20/2016 c1 sunnieKat
Oh god that was hilarious x'D
Nick sure is a funny guy ~
And I wonder who this charly guy is .o.?
5/30/2016 c5 Joeyvin
Like the end of the story? I hope it isn't. I mean it looks like the story is where it would just start to kick off.
5/30/2016 c5 Uboat4
Short but good. I like it and i look forward to more of your work!
5/25/2016 c4 1TwistBone
This is gud
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