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for Becoming Lady Malfoy

3/26/2022 c1 5LissaDream
Second read! Loved as much as the first!
2/19/2022 c44 Granny Wolf
this was long, well worth the read and the hours of sleep I lost doing so! I am sorry I could not review as it was posted but glad, I didn't have to wait for the next chapter(lol) I enjoyed your writing style and the way the story unfolded. thanks for sharing!
1/29/2022 c44 25scarlettcat
Very fun and sexy! Loved Hermione with the Malfoys. Severus was also wonderfully sarcastic. I thought the Muggle room was very clever. Nice work!
10/23/2021 c10 katholmes130
Ron was never a good fit for Hermione. Except for Harry and the war they had nothing in common. Even if most of your interests are different, you need a couple similar things to hold a relationship together. Hermione always had more in common with Lucious, Draco, Severus and Bill Weasley. Ron on the other hand was a better fit for Lavender, Parvati or even Pansy. He wanted a stay-at-home wife like his mother. Hermione wanted a career. Even Rowling admitted she shouldn't have paired them in the end.
10/19/2021 c8 ananchanon
Oh, I want Remus Have feelings of love for Hermione now.
5/25/2021 c44 no username
Ok. I dont know how log ago this was posted but I love it
4/14/2021 c42 Guest
So many ways to misspell GINEVRA!
4/14/2021 c27 Guest
I’m giving up now after this particularly lame chapter. The story started really well with an appealing theme and attention to detail. Now it’s devolved into relating ‘teenage-esque’ scenarios.
4/14/2021 c24 Guest
No mention of Buckbeak then?
4/14/2021 c22 Guest
Wonton slag? Is that like ‘easy with the dumplings’? Hahaha. Also, the vernacular is a a ‘quickie’ or a quick shag, ‘Quickie’ is not an adjective in this instance.
4/6/2021 c17 alannalove1990
4/5/2021 c16 alannalove1990
4/5/2021 c15 alannalove1990
4/5/2021 c14 alannalove1990
So much money lol
4/5/2021 c13 alannalove1990
Love thisssss
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