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11/28/2020 c20 1Cnidri
Another chapter ? I am feeling very spoiled, two chapters in a month. 3
Man I think she became a Vassal of the Silver King (Shiro-chan), and so she managed to somehow protect Kuro from the fire of the Red King, BUUUT, I have a feeling, like in the part that she says she doesn't remember the Shiro exactly from school, Megumi realizes that there is an inconsistency in Shiro's presence.
It makes me wonder if she is also one of the Strains, but she doesn’t know ... Or another little thing ... I don’t know if I ask this question, however I’ll do it anyway: She could become one of the Kings? (Which I really don't think will happen).
I find it very funny that Mikoto lives holding her by the collar of his shirt like a cat, nor do I hold a cat that way (because after being a puppy this area when held can cause a type of "Alert" that makes the cat more aggressive, my veterinary assistant said to hold the cat over there, but I learned from a veterinary lady specialist in cats that leaves the animal feeling highly vulnerable, that is, it becomes more aggressive), but it is fun when Mikoto does it with her.
Are you going to change Mikoto's destiny? (like not killing him like the series did?) There are always differences between Canon and Fanon that I certainly find interesting, even if they were small scenes I find it very fun.
Thank you very much for another chapter. 3
11/16/2020 c19 Alice Hysteria
Akhirnya update lagi. Terimakasih Hana-sanω*)
11/12/2020 c19 Cnidri
Man, this is really good. It was a long time since you posted a new chapter, lucky you that I refuse to exclude wonderful K stories like that from my list hehehehehh.
Oh, this is a tie from Megumi to our Silver King ! I'm sure I'M RIGHT! Now that everyone was amazed I don't doubt it, even I would be surprised if something like this happened.
I look forward to the next chapters.
6/16/2020 c18 22Lightning Shun
Lanjut ah pendek amat bu
11/5/2019 c18 Yamaras
Kuro cocok jadi induk ayam
7/30/2019 c17 1Cnidri
4/30/2019 c16 22Lightning Shun
Pendeeweeeeeeekkkkkkk aku butuh lanjutaaaaaannnnn
4/30/2019 c15 Lightning Shun
Wkwkwwkkw aku ngakak adegan dibawah kayak anak kucing
4/24/2019 c3 3Shirley Story
Huaa.. Shiro pinter banget! bisa2nya dia mikir begitu di saat2 dia hampir dibunuh Kuroh!
tapi Kuroh itu bukan orang biasa kan ya? jangan2 rencana mereka ketauan..
4/23/2019 c2 Shirley Story
Waduh. pengalaman begini thriller banget.. :O
kayanya Shiro itu emang bukan anak biasa ya..
untung mereka berdua ga kenapa2 setelah dikejar orang2 aneh itu..
4/23/2019 c1 Shirley Story
Hmm.. kenapa Megumi bisa ga kenal sama Shiro ya? padahal semua orang kenal dia.. bahkan mereka udah sekelas 1 tahun?
penasaran... >,,<
11/4/2018 c15 Yamaras
Tenang ane masih setia ama nih cerita, gk bkln kabur tanpa meninggalkan jejak. Semangat!
5/10/2018 c14 Yamaras
Eeh kok gitu sih coba gk ad efek samping nya, ini si megumi keturunan raja y? Aih ak penasaran cepetan updet tan selanjutnya!
5/8/2018 c14 Terlupakan
Pendek TAT
2/27/2018 c13 Yamaras
Ditunggu kelanjutannya, jdn lma" updetnya kay~
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