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for A Wicked, White Cravat

5/25 c1 1AlexBlakke
I never knew you turned it to a full story! I just cane back to reread one of my favourite scandalous one-shots only to find a full story, yay!
4/25 c14 eopandabear
I keep coming back to reread this chapter. It’s one of the sweetest Darcy and Elizabeth interactions I have come across in FanFic.
4/24 c13 MelodieMLB
I'm absolutely loving your story, as I have all along. Please don't apologize for the epilogues. They're one of the best parts.
4/16 c16 2untertasse
I love this little story so much! It is so rewarding after so many fanfics about misunderstandings and unspoken intents. If only more characters would just latch onto a man's necktie and show them how they felt!
I also love how well you write a vulnerable Darcy. The evening he seeks comfort from Elizabeth after Georgiana's confession is absolutely beautiful. You show his growth and thought process without being tedious.
Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent. I enjoyed it immensely!
3/29 c16 gigijane
Quelle histoire originale! J’ai adoré le baiser volé, la gifle, les quiproquos, les rebondissements, les messages dans les cravates… Continuez à écrire, vraiment. Merci pour cette belle histoire!
3/28 c16 2liefje27
Excellent ...I enjoyed this story very much thank you for sharing
3/26 c16 eopandabear
This story deserves a sequel on the mischief she gets herself in or out of using her perceptive skills.
3/26 c10 eopandabear
I know it is OOC but I do adore the Bennett family. Oftentimes, they are made to be extreme caricatures of themselves. In this story, they are silly but in a loving way.
3/25 c13 eopandabear
Some of my favorite P&P FanFiction is where Elizabeth is empowered and Darcy is secure and encouraging of it. It must have been so hard as a woman in regency England where you were property of your husband and your sole purpose in high society was to produce an heir. Versions of Darcy where he views Elizabeth as his equal makes him even more dreamy.
3/25 c16 eopandabear
Your stories are delightful. I hope you find a way to meander your way back to writing more P&P variations.
3/13 c16 dksais54
I first read this story quite a long time ago and remembered how thoroughly I enjoyed it so decided to re-read it tonight. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and your writing. I see that you have mostly devoted your time to writing Twilight and so must assume that more people wanted to continue with that rather than P and P. I really enjoy your writing style and hope that someday you might right another P and P based fiction. Thank you for sharing your talent.
3/10 c16 Oztdoken
You are entirely too good-awesome with words. You have a true talent. Never stop writing
3/7 c16 Picficgal
Perfect! I loved this story so much. Thank you for sharing it!
2/10 c1 Denie1943
Sweet...sweet...sweet! Thanks for sharing. Stay well!
2/5 c5 Evanarix
"I have given your daughter more than enough reasons to make her question her choice. I am learning to take responsibility for my miscalculations, but I cannot fault her for taking her time."

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