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12/2/2017 c15 Guest
This chapter made me so happy. The interactions between Steve and Wanda and the others made me smile and laugh. Felt good to have that lightheartedness. I’m sad that Vision doesn’t know where Wanda is. I hate when they’re apart. I will eagerly await the next installment!
12/4/2017 c15 5Vivstar
Aw! So sweet and heartwarming. Love the banter between them, and I like how you ended the chapter with Vision's point of view. Can't wait to see how it ends.
12/3/2017 c15 9Alaster Boneman
this was such a lovely chapter I loved the gentle friendly ribbing caps team engaged in. though ill admit that I was worried for a moment when you had cap say that wanda was his best girl. as it brought to the for front of my mind of dozens of argue comic books were that happens. thou if I recall correctly it wasn't the movie cap I think it was one of his replacements but I cant recall which one.

I also real like Visions part in all this it was both sweat and sad.

a good chapter over all, perhaps once this story is complet you could find it with in your heart detailing a story set after all this were we have our secret avengers doing good though out the world. I would love to see you do a story like that.

I give this a 9/10

Yours Alaster Boneman
12/3/2017 c15 24Serpentina Lynn
Loving this story. No sweat about spaced out updates, I've got notifications on this.
12/3/2017 c15 19chinaluv
Love it
12/3/2017 c15 22gandalf537
This. Was. Amazing. Possibly my favorite chapter yet. I can’t wait for the final piece, yet I don’t want it to end! Thank you in advance for this wonderful piece of art!
10/22/2017 c14 Guest
Defo one of the best written! Hoping for scarlet vision to come! Love the longer fics that you can really get into :)
10/3/2017 c14 109sasha
Awesome story can't wait for the update.
9/21/2017 c14 Guest
(Sorry for the freak out, but I LOVED this chapter)
9/8/2017 c14 5AShiba1nu
Beautiful, in both a morbidly sad way and a heartwarming way. I seriously couldn't put this down until I finished it. I love how you made the characters 3D ( which is, not so common for fanfiction ). Captures the humanity Civil War plays on. Thank you for this.
9/1/2017 c14 Guest
Great story! One of the best fics ive read in awhile. And i love how you really capture each characters personality in this! I came for wandaXvision and loved the connection that you gave them in this. It literally stems from the movies perfectly! Cant wait to read their reunion 3
8/29/2017 c14 Guest
Yay! I love this story
8/20/2017 c14 moodymel
Very good story.
8/12/2017 c14 19chinaluv
Love it
8/11/2017 c14 9Alaster Boneman
I'm afried I cant give you top rateing for this chapter as parts of it are happing way to fast to fallow.

one such instant was with Bucky and Nat Bickering over how many people they have taken down. in theory a very leggoless and Gimly (form lord of the rings) moment how every the lack of details and elaboration is what holds that moment back. with their consent back and forth banter as a example it was difficult to know whom said what or when. if your going to do something like that you have to set the scene, inter cut the banter with emotive or detractions or environmental story telling.

Elaborate on the scene, were is everyone, what are they doing, how many goons are there, what are their positions. what is the lay out of the environment so on and so forth.

While it was good to see it Sam talk some sense into Ross, and save Wanda. Giving him a big god dame hero moment, I felt it was rushed and I would have preferred Wanda be the one to try and talk Ross down or Ross's better angels have him let her go. I mean what you did here works but its very rushed and as for Ross telling the pair that the only reson he lets Wanda go was because she reminds him of his daughter.

I think the scene would have played out better if. 1. Ross said nothing and just looked kinda ashamed or despondent. or 2. Have ross say something along the lines 'I want to be someone my daughter can look up to again.'

also as for Bucky's inclusion I found him far to chipper in this chapter after everything that has happened to him recently, as after all he did just lose his metal arm a few days ago and got the shit beating out of him by Tony. I doubt he'd be in the best of moods let alone quipping and bantering like spider man.

though I did like what Bucky said inregurds to Black phanter, I am not even going to try and spell his name.

Also when Catter and Hope were on the radio to team cap, I didn't even know Hope was talking to them until Scort exclaimed he loved her.

Also isn't it kind of irresponsible for cap to involve the Lang and Pym families in this. I mean the government would just be looking for a excuse to lock them up.

Though now I'm imaging cap talking to Hank about getting the rest of his team out of the raft and hank going. "so not only to I get to make Stark look like even more of a fool but get to make the government look like even bigger fools to boot. Hope get in your super suit were going to save my son in law"

Hope "What? dad were not even engaged yet"

Hank "Pishh posh a meer formality, now were did I put that colony of jack jumpers, I have being looking for a excue to use them for years"

Hope just kind of sakes her head. and Cap or Bucky ask. "is he always like this?"

and Hope goes "you have know idea"

sorry about that, just an amusing thought I had just now as I was weighting this review. if you want to know what a jack jumper is, they are a pertuicly nasty spiece of ants that are native to Australia, more proceslly Tasmaina and some of Victoria. their know to be extremely aggressive and very very, very poisonous and like everything from my country made out of pure hate.

I give this chapter a 5/10

Yours Alaster Boneman
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