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8/11/2017 c14 22gandalf537
Amazing, amazing chapter! I adored Bucky and Natasha's little game- and the rest of this chapter! One of the best yet.
8/11/2017 c14 KitKat724
This is incredible. The pacing is phenomenal; it feels like actually watching a movie. You've included just enough detail to give a clear picture of what's happening, without it feeling clunky.
Also I relate to Wanda because I, too, weep tears of joy at the sight of Bucky Barnes.
8/10/2017 c14 littlerochelle
Good stuff! Love the other Avengers showing up at the end.
8/10/2017 c14 103darthelwig
This was awesome! You write great action, and it was cool seeing how everything came together. Ross letting them go was also really great. I think this is the first story I've read that portrays him as human. Anyway, I love this and can't wait for the next!
8/8/2017 c13 Guest
Love love love! I'm dying to read more of this story! The prison break sense of it is amazing and interesting! Definitely awaiting the next update!
8/6/2017 c13 erikadg91
SOMEONE SAVE HER! (Vision,I'm talking to you)
8/5/2017 c13 Guest
I love this story I think your doing great
7/27/2017 c1 3Scarlet1964
I love your style of writing and we're gonna have an issue if this gets abandoned cause I'm selfish and I need to know where this is going or I may die.
7/20/2017 c13 Guest
More Chapters!
7/15/2017 c13 4Irelandgal131
Great story! Can't wait to see what happens next :)
7/11/2017 c13 19chinaluv
7/8/2017 c13 nana723
Cliffhanger Great update . Can't wait to read what happens next .
7/8/2017 c13 31dragonrider1234
Oh man! A cliffhanger! Please update soon!
7/7/2017 c12 Guest
Update soon!
7/7/2017 c13 9Alaster Boneman
this was a far better chapter than the last one. it was action packed and suspenseful I especial loved the scean with wander hiding in the locker room. I got some out last/ alien isolation flash backs when those two jerks went from locker to locker.

also I couldn't help but think of the first ghost busters movie with wanda going up the stares. I don't know why but I just did, also if you find away to make a ghost busters joke in the next chapter I will give you all of my fan love.

I have to say I was surprised that Wanda could control that's jerks mind. (not that he would have much of one.) as with her I didn't think she would be capable of that or rather that it would be in her power set. as I saw her mental manipulations as more nudging someone to action or bringing forward guilt and fear rather than out right mind control.

inless its kind like an expansion on her night mare powers, the two jerks were in some way afraid of her and the guys and think if even partly she would melt their brains (not that they don't deserve that) so was able to use that brefiy to do a jedi mind trick kind of thing. "these aren't the droids your looking for". so because the dude didn't want to see her, he didn't. see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

I have to say if there is one failure with this story over all is that the guards are all almost cartoonish levels of evil. being all sadistic jerk wards that have turned on their heros at nearlys the drop of the hat.

I say nearly because of something that I think a lot of people miss is that the accords were bound to happen sooner or later, in fact if you watch the first avengers movie were their playing interviews with people after he battle of new yoke their were a few people that were saying the avengers should be held accountable. and after all the shit before the battle for New yoke and after it (Iron man 3, captain A winter solider, the inhuman out brake and more), the fall of Sokovia and Wanda's not being able to save those people at the start of civil war from crossbones bomb. (though she tried her best and far more would have died if she hadn't being there)

People would be all to willing to turn on their hero's.

but if your looking for a way for Wanda to get out her stick situation with Ross, have her make up for early inability to make him she , that she isn't the monster everyone is making her out to be. Or since you brought up Abomination, you choild have her say something like.

"Do you really think they will juct cut my brain open and fish out my powers and that will be the end of it? don't be so naive they will try to replicate it. Use them on the people, tell them what to think and when, 'fear these people, vote for this person'. it would never end if you give me over. They would try to create a hundred of me, a thousand. You know that they would do this because you tried do! and if they seceded could your governments or accords protect you, or the people you care for then?"

"Clint said you were a good man, that you knew what it was to make mistakes. I have also made mistakes, my Brother and I allowed our hate of Stark and those like him to control us. We were so desperate to get our revenge on those that wronged us, that we volunteered for Hydra's experiments. just for the chance to hurt others as we had being hurt. It was the same with Ultron we didn't care to look at what he was saying and doing all we waited was to share our pain. how childish we were. We my brother and I turned on Ultron after we learned how far his madness went and we joined Captain roguers in that was the frist time we had done something, not out of hate and fear. We..I realised that hurting others that's sharing our pain made us no better. Mr Ross...I am not a good person I have not had the time make amends for my sins. But I would very much like the chance to try.

anyway that's just a suggestion. Yours Alaster Boneman
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