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for Xenoblade X: Interim

10/10/2018 c13 Greyjedi449t
Looking forward to the sequel.
9/25/2016 c1 1Lanca226
My goodness, this is easy to read! And there's so much of it as well!
9/22/2016 c7 9Adams7
Justin's here?!
Looks like somebody never completed the "Rise of the Blood Lobster" quest!
8/30/2016 c12 Guest
I really like the list but personally I think there's at least one more that should be on the list. The level 91 Tyrant Hartmut the Calamity, if only because everyone has that initial moment of "oh crap" before they realize it doesn't agro on its own when they first see it.
8/18/2016 c10 13Drake Vallion
Omg this is the greatest story i have read in a long time (read two month's) what made it better is i was reading on a computer so i can listen to music while watching and i was Listening to Wir Fliegen during the final battle between Cross and Nahum and uncontrollable during the fight against Vlad the Impaler and it made the story even better and the last bit of this chapter I had theme x playing all i can say now is if you do make a sequel I'll keep my eye's open for it cause i feel it can only get better Who know's maybe Mia will finally find her Prince Charming
8/16/2016 c11 crazy.eye342000
Well... What can I say...

The wait was worth, you pulled out great story, something that I surely will re-read from time to time.

You sir have a talent, I can see it as well as the people that kept up with it, Belive me when I say you have a bright future ahead of you.

As another reviewer said I have a bittersweet feeling, I'm happy how things ended but I'm sad that it ended. No matter what project you want to do I'll be waiting to check it out.

With nothing else to say, good job and hope to read you again
8/11/2016 c10 26The Lonely Curator
Alright. Here we go... cough, cough! Well done. Seriously. I found this when you had just posted chapter 6, and I thought, "This might be a fun thing to read in my spare time." I found myself reading it, to re-read it, to talk about it, to be inspired by it, to love it so much. This story was, in the most basic words, masterfully well done. Epic, fun, stressful, and (Something I seldom feel, but shows when I truly love something) involved.
You had me so involved in this story, that I was always wondering what would/could happen next? Making me cheer when things went well, to getting angry when things fell apart, to just shaking in fear when I was uncertain how to react when things truly hit the dark area of bad. This story, was something that I hope most everything I read, or watch, or anything, could be like.


That's all I really can boil down to. I was so involved, that it almost felt like I was in the story, watching these characters go through their struggles, and find the peace they needed to. I may not be a critic, or anyone famous, but that little star rating people do to say how good something is?

5/5 stars. I will likely still be reading this again for a time, since it was so enjoyable. And I do hope you continue this in some way, whether it just be for a chapter, or a whole new story. Regardless, this story was something that gave me a bittersweet taste. Happy that things ended and were so happy. But sad, that it did have to end.

I commend you for having done something so well, and having stuck with it, coming from someone who also knows what it's like to start something, then not finish it. So well done, and I hope that this was an important experience for you as well. Thank you for the amazing read!

Keep calm, and may the Aura be with you!
6/30/2016 c1 crazy.eye342000
I'll say it again and make this strory have more views: AMAZING story and the chapters are awesome. It seems you decided to drop the continual first-person POV except for Cross and that's fine, makes the story more fluid and the focus is not lost. Though I feel that Cross forgave a little to quickly what happened to him, I can let it slide because that really goes in character about him (You Cross's personality is kind to a fault it seems). The villian is also shaping out great, proving to be a h threat worse that Luxaarand things will only get hotter from here on out as I can see. Keep up the good work.
6/23/2016 c7 Guest
"Earth meats are practically buried treasure at this point!" What about all of the times Lin used chicken in her meals durring the main story? Is this implying earth meats where more plentiful in the begining of the game, or was this a mistake?
6/21/2016 c7 4tsloid
there are THREE reviews on this story and all of them are just bitching about how much they don't like cross x celica
this fic is BEYOND shipping. it straight-up TRANSCENDS the need for shipping.
The attention to detail in all the combat scenes makes your writing DEADLY. The action doesn't stop. I also love how you've given many of the recruitable party members and even some NPCs like zo ozuchi and milly and everyone their time in the spotlight. Even boze, who the fandom ignores, plays a decent role in the plot.
My only concern is that you're walking the line between a developed cross main protagonist character and a gary stu. This is understandable given the circumstances of cross' upbringing and how he was raised to be the perfect soldier and all that, but the tidbit you added about him not being the best sniper was a nice start. Aside from that, there are a few your/you're typos and things like that in the first few chapters that can really turn away some folks. I was one of those grammar nazis who originally was turned off by the lack of curb appeal, but i got bored one day and popped open this fic again, expecting the worst.
but NO I'M GLAD as FUCK i was wrong. gj, keep writing, broseph
6/22/2016 c7 VentusBrawler
I've really enjoyed reading your work, especially because of how I believe you've accurately personified characters like Mia, Celica, Elma, Bozé, Yelv, Frye, and Phog. Though I don't quite like your take on Lin, it's interesting nonetheless. I especially like the interesting OCs that you included that add something new outside of the game's content but still keep to roughly canon settings (like Julun being part of Team Slovity and Vi Leland being a student of Zo Ozuchi). Keep up the good work! (I'm guessing that you haven't gotten 100% or done all of the quests yet, seeing as how Justin is... very different from how you initially perceive him in his first quest if you complete a certain other quest in the game.)
5/25/2016 c2 Kazuka746
I'm not a big fan of the Cross x Celica ship for the simple reason that it doesn't make much sense...
And because of that, I'm having a hard time in trying to enjoy your story even though I honestly believe that it's written really well !
Elma would be a better fit for Cross... And by a longshot ! She's been closer to him than anyone.
5/24/2016 c3 JujuLodestar
Heh. I like the Celica ship. it's not as overused and it's actually kinda cute with how most people have a different character but her personality can fit with anyone. As far as your story goes. I say it's a decent concept but sometimes it seems to change directions in a heartbeat. Not really a bad thing, but sometimes it can make the more finer moments dull.
5/17/2016 c3 crazy.eye342000
Dude your story is awsome, and I don't get why it doesn't have more reviews with three chapters already up. The first person point of view can be confusing at times when you switch from character to character (I was confused in chap 2 on who was speaking during the big 4 meeting but a re-read made it clear) and some typos here and there but otherwise a fantastic story to continue a fantastic game. Can't wait for chap 4 and keep up the good work.

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