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for An Adventure to Remember (DISCONTINUED)

8/25/2020 c12 8TazalTerminals
Sad to see this one discontinued. But hopefully I will like the new one. :)
3/25/2020 c11 bowham123
3/20/2020 c1 zeonstar360
See this had my hopes up and then OC main character to be honest I seen something X Rwby we kind of expect Rwby or Jnpr or cfvy. Hell this wood been funny as hell to star Oscar or Torchwick. But a rwby OC in monster girls quest is just replace player name and give power not in game real big let down on start.

If it had been full merge AU where it was rement monster girls instead of grim kind of thing with the girls as monsters like Ruby as rose alune that believed in humans and monsters living in harmony. That would be little more forgiving for having self insert hero OC.

And your OC all fails the remnit naming tradition of color and not even a team. I'm sorry but a Rwby x MGQ story had my hopes up and you shatter them worse the U.S. did to Japan's will to fight with the atomic bombs.
8/15/2019 c11 2Dinosaurchicken
More please
10/5/2017 c11 Guest
Update pls
9/26/2017 c11 TheRebelSkeleton
I'm mad I didn't read this chapter when it came out.
9/15/2017 c11 Guest
Soo is he still a male Faunus just with more tails after all tamamo shattered his aura maybe she just made his body adapt to the amount of tails he should have by now
9/14/2017 c11 Guest
Pleas don't do gay porn, and keep Jacob male, it wouldn't be a interesting if he turned female, where the fun in that, I wanna see Jacob struggle trying to stop being rape, or do get rape but as a male not female.
9/14/2017 c11 Guest
please don't say this is gonna be a gender bender story those are annoying as all hell
9/16/2017 c11 2Dragon-XZero
When you get back into the swing of things, could you do like alternative endings to the fights? Aka, where he gets raped, and actually becomes the monster's food/mate/slave/husband
9/14/2017 c11 3PersonaQeminod1
There should be an option to set up a poll in your Bio but I not sure how it set up though. I wonder If he'll wake up being in the middle of being raped or just staring at like some new pet by other female Kitsune.
8/17/2017 c4 5Infernus est in animo
(sorry for being a nitpicking asshole) I was just wondering, and this looks to be the last one, why the (snort) twin katanas would be connected by a chain and not a cable?
After all, cables are superior to chains in basically every way in real life, and characters like Penny and that one girl with the throwing knife thing from the festival have demonstrated that the RWBY verse has even better stuff.
8/17/2017 c6 Infernus est in animo
Okay, I retract my previous statement after noticing it was explicitly stated that Angel Halo was "combined" with his (stifles snort) twin katanas. (sorry I just couldn't type that with a completely straight face when thinking about anyone legitimately using twin katanas)

One question remains though: does he have fox ears or a foxes tail?
After all it is explicitly stated in RWBY lore that faunus inherit a maximum of one distinct animal characteristic with improved night vision and potentially other senses as add-ons.
8/17/2017 c5 Infernus est in animo
I could have sworn it took over 600 angels being melted together to make Angel Halo in the first place so her just converting his katana into the same should require something similar or its breaking internal consistency which pulls people out of the story. Other than that everything seems alright.

Also katana, really?
5/20/2017 c10 TheRebelSkeleton
Can't wait for the next story is really good
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