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2/23 c13 1ghostboy1225
good to see that this story will receive an ending.
2/21 c13 A Guest
Your story has really captivated me! Ignore those people with destructive criticism and only flames!
2/17 c13 LK2
I am excited for the potential ending and hope real life gets less stressful for you in the near future! (-)
2/15 c13 2Mark the Mark
yay! keep it up friend, chara and danny interactions are the best
2/15 c12 Mark the Mark
dawwww chara is worried.
2/15 c11 Mark the Mark
okay chara and danny haveing a pun battle is my new OTP.

*it is a theroy of mine that since Chara is the narrarator all the puns are her having fun.*
2/15 c10 Mark the Mark
chara pouting about danny being offended is adorable.

also danny x ember is def my otp. so there!
2/15 c8 Mark the Mark
chara calling MK and danny dorks has cemented the fact that she is a girl in my mind. And shes adorablen
2/15 c5 Mark the Mark
2/15 c1 Mark the Mark
so is chara just hanging out behind danny outside of his range or sense or
2/14 c13 2JennaUtena
Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! It’s made me want to replay Undertale on my PC bad buy the Switch version.
2/14 c13 DuskPuffin
Oh gosh. I only have vague memories of this story, but I remember it was nice.
I hate when reviewers do that. It’s just kinda a jerk move.
And since you still plan on finishing this, I look forward to when there is more! Whenever that may bee!
2/14 c13 ascrasin
good to have you back and you are entirely right for the "critic" that are just people with custom need.

and for the story go at you rythme it's not like our live depend upon you finishing your story (even if for some people it seems like it if you read their comment)
2/14 c13 8EmPro8
Haha wow, hi! I remember this story actually, it’s been forever, but I remember that you were a good author. I liked your writing.

Sorry it’s been a sucky past few years, but I’m glad you have been taking personal time for yourself and even started personal projects. It’s a good thing fanfictions we write at 14 aren’t the most important thing. I’m really glad you were trying to take care of yourself, and I’m also glad to hear of you again! Have you moved to a different account, or have you just moved on in general?
You seem pretty certain that you will update. I look forward to it, but remember it’s just for fun! Self care comes first always. You don’t owe us or rude reviewers anything.
I’m happy to see that you’re okay!
2/13 c2 person
Uh, hate to break it to ya, but Toriel says that she feels like she met the other humans already as if they've reset before, if you do the same. All of the humans could SAVE.
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