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for the children of the gods

2/23 c1 DIO
waitaminute...fluffy? IS THAT A COD ZOMBIES REFERENCE (well almost a cod zombies reference fluffy was samantha maxis's pet and was the first hellhound but fluffy in this fic was a cerberus himself)
2/23 c2 7Kaito Echizen
11/10/2019 c1 lunarknight199
please make a nww chapter i wanna read more
9/25/2019 c1 Jenna cernik
Please update soon I love the story so far
8/20/2019 c1 N. A. Wennerholm
You have a good start but it has been three years since you began. And as someone commented on I would like to see the POV of Dumbledore as he loses his magic and everything he has stolen taken back by the Gods and Goddess and returned to their rightful owners such as the deathly hollows.

Plus would also like to see them deal with the corruption within The Ministry For Magic. And make sure Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort is fully dealt with along with all his death eaters. Thus making sure the war of the Wizarding World never starts up ever again. Plus make the necessary reforms to the Wizarding World so as to make sure another Dark Lord never rises again along put an end to all this pureblood nonsense when dealing with first-generation witches and wizards along with half-bloods. And also force them to stop using mudblood, muggle, and muggle-born and any other derogatory terms. And simply use non-magical and mundane instead. Plus force reforms when dealing with those they call squibs.
9/26/2017 c1 Kaito Echizen
that's the best punishment Hecate could give that old ...

I miss the poseidon wife

I disagree that the moron of heracles is one of harry's parents

Kaito is hungry, he wants to eat
10/20/2016 c1 sam stewart
i would love it if you had more chapters posted as soon as possible please?
10/10/2016 c1 fic fan
Interesting start!

loving what you have planned for Dumbledore will we see him loosing his magic and will he be met by Harry's parents upon death telling him they took his magic as punishment for what he had done to Harry?

I have to say Fluffy was one of my favs and I love reading fics involving where Fluffy makes an appearance!
5/12/2016 c1 Maurader map 394
Pretty good for a first story! Needs a bit more editing (no offence) hope to see an update :)
5/8/2016 c1 Anuart Tsui
:0 wow really this is new xD
5/8/2016 c1 Angel Winx
Could you make it easier to read, instead of those huge blokes of words with out smaller blocks that are easier to read
5/7/2016 c1 mattcun
i cant wait to see the next chapter

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