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for A Different Jane

12/3 c19 Guest
Please finish this story
9/18 c19 Guest
This feels unfinished
9/9 c19 Guest
I reallynlike this Jane. Can't wait to see what happens next.
8/17 c19 arkadyLea
This is an excellent story and I enjoyed it thoroughly- I’d love to see you continue it
8/11 c1 Artemis1813
i just finish reafing your story. i hope you will post the next chapters soon
5/30 c19 9Hedwig Edwiges
This story is so very interesting. I hope you come back to it at some point. Thanks for writing and posting.
5/26 c19 tnet
how will the ball go? surely Jane and mr Harrington will have some troubles with his uncle, but find their way. Will E and D have a quarrel, will his aunts and uncles accept E, and will his cousins? Will Lydia learn and what about Wickham? mr Bennet is og his way, but will he act?
I hope you are well and some time will get back to this lovely and well written story where Jane shows some backbone in her gentle way. thank you for sharing it.
5/26 c17 tnet
good for you Jane, take that mr Bingley! great chapter, thank you for sharing your story
5/25 c9 tnet
yay you, well done. thank you for sharing your story
5/25 c2 tnet
oh, how I long for mr Collins departure! thank you for sharing your story, re-reading it with pleasure
5/21 c19 10GaijinVamp
Such a lovely story. The sisters have grown stronger together, including their younger ones. Except, of course, Lydia. She is such a trial. I hope she will start to grow up.
Mr Harrington is a perfect man for Jane. I look foward to reading about their friendship as it grows.

I hope you are healthy and start this fic again.
Best of everything to you.
5/6 c19 MAC Nicholls
Good story please update!
4/28 c19 Malous66
This is SUCH a great beginning! I SO wish you would finish this - even publish! I would love to see the ending!
4/19 c19 theduskysky
Ack! I hope you return to this! I'm DYING to know how this progresses... both for as Jane and Lizzy. And for dear Georgiana of course! Like does Lizzy ever ask Darcy about Wickham? Will he give her enough info to give to her now proactive papa to safeguard the neighborhood? Like... I need a scene of Miss Bingley showing up at Darcy house after the ball and finding out Jane and Lizzy were there while she was not invited. LOL
4/6 c19 1liefje27
loving this story and praying you will continue
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