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5/21/2016 c7 60Phoebe Miller
I enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing.
5/21/2016 c7 1detectivejiju
Nice FF. Totally loved it, my favourite beig the bromance. Thanks for the FF and I enjoyed reading it. :)
5/20/2016 c7 3jlopie
Great epilogue! Nice little story. Keep up the good work!
5/20/2016 c5 1detectivejiju
Whump and gun shot! Wow... I am loving it! Fortunate that I have 2 chapters updated. Heheh... Continuing to read. :)
5/20/2016 c2 detectivejiju
Loved the Prologue and Chapter 1. Love your writing and I liked Danny and Steve part's. I am super thrilled with the story. :)
5/19/2016 c7 19Cubit2
Love the bromance! I wish we saw more of this on the show. They've moved away from it too much in later seasons. Maybe next year!

Steve's guilt is so strong and I love how appreciative Danny is. The show writers could learn from you. Nice story.
5/18/2016 c7 thewarpedmind1
Love Steve and Danny bromance and you wrote fantastic story :) Thank You for sharing your talent :)
5/18/2016 c7 lenail125
They talked... good! Good story
5/18/2016 c7 9julieb716
Nice wrap up. Love the bromance.
5/18/2016 c7 Long Live BRUCAS
Nice ending. Steve realizes its not his fault. He did save Danny's life.
5/18/2016 c7 37Wenwalke
Really enjoyed this, thanks.
5/18/2016 c6 12JazzieG
I liked my idea of it being a bluff on Sampson but I also like the fact you whumped Danny some more! Lol
5/18/2016 c6 lenail125
Does Danny will make Steve talk to know what it bother him?
5/17/2016 c6 TMVH50
Glad to see that Danny is awake. Now he has to get Steve to open up!
5/17/2016 c6 stefrosacarnevale
Another wonderful chapter update keep up the great job
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