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for Meeting Against Fate

3/4/2022 c12 1Hinate
GrayTear forever...
i really really loved this fic, especially the start n their trip n everything just I wished Gray didn't skip 7 years instead he stayed with her... but still I love this... thank you so much
I've loved GrayTear for as long as I've known em...
5/22/2019 c12 Univers One
That was quite good !
1/12/2019 c12 Shadowfox452
Hands down, this is one of the best GraTear fics I've ever read. I love how you portrayed their dynamics in this! And your writing was brilliant, as always. ;) Thank you for sharing, once again! 3
8/17/2018 c1 5Kronus96
You know the romance was rushed, so no need to expand on that.

Their thoughts, emotions, and body language were shown well during the entire story. Ultear was magnificently evil in the build up to Galuna and Deliora.

And I forgot how weirdly formidable and intimidating Deliora was compared to every other demon other than Mard and Bloodman.

I think the confession scene was done especially well. Ultear’s near breakdown, and how casually Gray admitted to loving her, felt very in character for them. Also, they need therapy.

The ice-time magic trap was clever. You did Ultear’s cleverness justice there.

Meredy trying to kill Zeref rather than lose Ultear makes a lot of sense. The confession to try to stop her from committing suicide made me feel for them both. It surprised me that I pitied her when she was talking about her wiping out an entire town to get what she wants. I guess that means you did well.

The dialogue during the battle between them was fantastic, and I think I like your version of Hades defeat much more than him getting taken out by cats. Fairy Glitter actually harming an opponent was incredible.

The last line is legendary.

Thanks for writing.
7/2/2018 c12 natsubeatsrock
Wow. If someone told me that you tried to rewrite Fairy Tail and made Graytear a thing, this sounds about close to what I'd expect to see. So many different things work better in this, from dealing with Jellal and Ultear as council members to the entirety of Galuna Island to Ultear struggling to do the right thing. I also like the touch of Ultear being able to disguise herself as an older person. And the development of Graytear feels so natural. It makes me feel kinda bitter that Mashima chose a different route. Keep on writing!
10/21/2017 c12 Guest
Wow great story but can please makes sequel please
10/21/2017 c12 Guest
Please update
8/28/2017 c12 gbg
Make a sequel
6/17/2017 c12 6FTxDxD
Can you make more Graytear fluff? they're so cute together xD And can you make a sequel? I would like to follow their relationship hahaha
1/22/2017 c12 Guest
Wow amzing story. It was kind of serious for fairy tail but still its always great to find another graytear story.
9/8/2016 c12 44Her Pretty Smile
I like it. This is probably the nicest GrayTear story I have ever read. There isn't much in their fandom, so I'm kind of suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, you write really well. Most of the parts even seem like they came from canon when they're actually not. I loved that you kept them all in-character and did 't rush the romance. Romance works best slow-paced, after all. And whoa, that ending left me hanging. Can't you do more? *puppy eyes*
Thanks for writing this! Your hard work paid off and I wish you luck on more stories in the future. Keep on writing.
7/5/2016 c1 13myshippingdock
OH GOSH! I don't have enough words to thank you for this story but I am loving this soSOMUCH!3 YOU are wonderful & I'm seriously adoring this fic beyond what I already expected to! The GRAYTEAR in this is making my heart SOAR! Everything is so carefully crafted I love it! You are soo good at this:DD I am happy you went ahead with this fictional project & completed it33. &I know how difficult athing it is to do but You are so sweet&dedicated when it comes to updating that it makes me cry tears of JOY! I'm so happy you exist & the graytear fandom has two complete fluffy-just enough angst-filled multi-chaptered fiction to fallbackoneverynow&thenT_T I'm going to sit down & review every chapter per week after reading it all! THANKS A TON! ALWAYS3 ~rem-AD
6/25/2016 c12 8The Keeper of Worlds
Loved it and wish there could've been more:-)
6/24/2016 c12 7Kori no Koibito
Gray blushing and grinning is the CUTEST THING EVERRRR eeeeeep~!
And Natsu was just casually overhearing stuff wtf bruh Lol and Juvia is the kind of person is stay away from if I have an impending crush on anyone.
6/24/2016 c12 151Mnemosyne's Elegy
First off, yay for posting the epilogue :P

I kind of love how you portrayed Meredy here. She was cute and I liked how determined she was to beat some sense into Ultear and Jellal. Also, Natsu's bluntness and sort-of-obliviousness were funny, plus Wendy's random comments about having a lot to learn. A small part of me is saying that the last line was a little odd to end the story on, but most of me is laughing maniacally and declaring its undying love because it was a great line and I loved it.

Anyway, I liked that we got a little closure for this whole mess, and it was nice to see Ultear finally start letting some things go. She really came a long way from beginning to end, so I commend you for that. Good job, I enjoyed reading the story : )
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