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for Brooklyn Raises 'Em Tough

11/30/2017 c7 Guest
This story is really really good. Please update.
12/8/2016 c7 Guest
Pls. Update
8/1/2016 c7 Sky
I love the Interaction of steve and bucky
So cute
More updates please
Keep up the good work in your writing
8/1/2016 c7 34Britt30
Great chapter! Sorry it took so long for me to get around to reading it. It was super cute and I'm excited to see what happens next. Good luck with truck driving school!
7/5/2016 c7 TJ Carlson
Can't wait for the next chapter
7/2/2016 c7 7randomphandom
Ahhhhhh! Why is Steve so adorable! O.o he's just too cute! And he got a teddy bear Black widow?! Oh my gosh, that's great! Hahahaha XD I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next since the Avengers are searching for them. Hopefully nothing too bad! O.o it definitely looks like conflict is on the horizon though :p amazing job with this story! I'm looking so forward to the next chapter! And good luck with truck driving school!
7/2/2016 c7 holsvick
Domestic Bucky is fantastic. Good luck with school! My brother and my cousin drive truck.
7/2/2016 c7 Freedom to Rarity
I hope they don't do anything rash
7/1/2016 c7 43KodiakWolfe13
AWWWWW! Akdnfmxkwnendksns, look at those two! They're so cute, OHMYGOSH! I love them! Are there more of these stories somewhere? They won't be as good as this, but I'm dying for more fluff!

And I smell confrontation soon~! I want to see this go down soooo much. XD

Truck-driving school... That is so awesome. You need to talk to my brother. He'd probably giggle like a schoolgirl. XD

Awesome chapter! Can't wait for the next!

6/26/2016 c4 1KnightOwl247
Damn this is adorable.
6/10/2016 c6 7randomphandom
Ahhhh... Still so adorable! Steve is just waaaay too cute! I love how Steve is so accepting of Bucky. I definitely loved the picture Steve drew of Bucky, him, and his mom so cute! Amazing job with the chapter! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter! let the adorableness ensue! Lol XD great job!
6/8/2016 c6 34Britt30
It was very cute! I liked it!
6/7/2016 c6 TJ Carlson
Really enjoyed.
6/7/2016 c6 7Swiss Blue
A cuteness chapter! Yay! My favourite part was the grammar correcting. :)
6/7/2016 c6 Sunshine-and-Joy
So sweet! I love how you are writing Bucky!
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