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for Stray volts of lightning

8/26/2016 c1 35LittleAmberAmethyst
This is a good story. A friendship between these two makes for a good read. In a way it's kind of like how Soos went to work at the Mystery Shack when he was about Gideon's age, so now Soos is taking on the mentor role like Stan did for him. Good chapter.
7/10/2016 c1 Deadaccountoutoforder
I like this! Write more! Write more! Write more! Wriiiiiiiite moooooore!
5/11/2016 c1 46Alisi Thorndyke
Melody is a pretty woman. So what if she looks like she does, Soos accepted her as she is and that's all that matters :) I'm a thick woman myself and I love the way I look :)

And Gideon really enjoys those dinosaurs doesn't he? XD Soos just needs to make sure he doesn't consume the plate too XD

But great job girly :)

Alisi Thorndyke :)

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