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for After Cipher's Reign: Short Stories

3/23/2017 c46 8Battleangel911
I'm happy to have finally read the last chapter. I'm trying to figure out how its possible for Layla to have a daughter when she died. Maybe I'll find out when I read the last chapter of the other story? Thanks for keeping up with your stories. I love reading them.
3/23/2017 c46 182Luiz4200
Stan must be jealous. Even his nerdy brother got someone.
3/22/2017 c46 2musicalocelot
I KNEW IT I KNEW IT IKNEWITIKNEWITIKNEWIT! I so knew it! Layla survived and had a kid! I KNEW it!


Great story :).

3/22/2017 c46 Northgalus2002
OMG, the chapter starts out so sweet with Dip and Paz (plus Mabel and George) heading to the homecoming, with Stan and Ford acting as chaperones. But then a monster in Magum's employ invades and attacks the dance. A mysterious figure fights the monster, but the creature makes off with Dipper. Ford confronts the figure, but discovers she is Layla's daughter (and Ford's)!

So, next on tap would be Magum's Rising. It looks like Magum will be a bigger and badder wolf than Bill was. I hope the Pines clan (and their friends) will be up to it. In the meantime, I'll read the last chapter of Layla's Lament.
3/18/2017 c45 2Secretkemi
Oh no I'm gonna cry the next one can't be the ending TT
This had been so fun reading their adventures, living their lives and solving problems..I'll be sad to see them go.
3/3/2017 c45 Northgalus2002
I'm glad you've updated. The homecoming dance is coming and Dip is not wanting to go because he'll have to wear a suit. But, after talking with Wendy and Ford, Dip decides to go with Paz. After giving up so much for his friends and family he decides he needs to be strong.

I am looking forward to the final chapter, I can only imagine what will happen to Dip and the others. Not to mention how Magum will play in this.

Right now I am waiting for my brother and sister in law to go to New York. My sister's not long for this world. So, I'm feeling raw right now.

Update soon
3/2/2017 c45 1spnfalls
cant wait for the last one!
1/19/2017 c44 8Battleangel911
This chapter was very touching. Thank you.
1/19/2017 c44 182Luiz4200
So cute. Ma Pines knew her boys.
1/19/2017 c44 Northgalus2002
Wow, this was a case of the feels! Stan finally receives a letter (dated 1999) from his mom. It had bounced from place to place (since Stan was declared legally dead) finally ending up in her mailbox.

In the letter, Mrs. Pines said that she had known that Stan was posing as Ford when he was there for the birth of Dipper and Mabel. But said that even though Stan was living a lie, she still loved him. Then Ford comes home and Stan shows him the unopened letters their mom had sent him while Ford was trapped in the portal. Ford, who had thought that his mom preferred Stan over him, found it wasn't the case after all. The last letter had come in Sept. 1999, after Mrs. Pines passed away.

I felt so bad for the original Mystery Twins, yet I also felt good for them to be reminded of their mom. I've wondered, though, what of their dad Filbrick? I remember a cartoon by Markmak (I think that's the spelling) where Stan (having recently taken Ford's identity and fake his own death) receives a call from Filbrick saying he expected Stan to go out this way. Then he says that he wondered why he didn't come home when he was thrown out. That Filbrick wondered if Stan had forgiven him. The last panel had Stan saying (as Ford, mind you) "I think he did, Dad."

Anyway, great chapter.
1/2/2017 c43 Northgalus2002
This was such a sweet chapter! With everything Dip and Mabel have been through (and with the two becoming young adults as opposed to kids), it was just a matter of time before they desired their own rooms.

I loved how Stan reacted to Dip talking about having Paz over at night (and Mabel doing the same with George), I love protective Stan! I also liked the allusion to Star Wars (with the recent passing of Carrie Fisher).

I also liked how everyone came together to make it possible. Very nice chapter.
12/31/2016 c43 Luiz4200
R.I.P. Carrie

Do you think Ford will ignore Stan's warnings and watch the prequels?
12/22/2016 c42 1spnfalls
i get so excited when u update this story i love it so much! keep it up
11/28/2016 c41 Guest
I was so excited for this chapter I ran around flapping my hands and squealing. My family looked at me oddly. I also giggled loudly when I realized this had Dippers "issues" in it. I don't know why, but I love when the character is emotionally hurt and someone helps them through it. Mabel and Dipper are so adorable!
11/27/2016 c40 Samantha
I always imagined that Dipper self-harmed to make himself feel more sane, normal (in short less crazy) however, he is getting better. This fic is amazing!
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