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6/20 c29 dksais54
Anxiously awaiting an update. Hope it won't be too much longer. I am invested in this story and don't want to give it up. I am going through my favorites and follows list today and eliminating stories that have not been updated or author's who are no longer writing or posting here. I so don't want this story to be one of those! Thank you.
5/25 c29 Joan G. Brand
Yes, we are left on a cliff hanger! I have taught many students with ADHD over the years, and it doesn't mean that you can't finish things. It means that you have to set aside a time to work on your writing and commit to it. When is the best time for you when you are not in your online classes, cleaning , being a mom, or grandmother? Also, when you are not taking time out to relax because that's important too.

How will Mary and Elizabeth keep Charles and Gantry from getting killed? How will Darcy react when he discovers that Wickham was part of the plot against the Longbourn heir? I thought it was wonderful that Elizabeth recovered from her anger towards Bingley and accepted the love that Jane and Bingley have for each other. How long will it take for Jane 's annulment from her fraudulent marriage? Would Collins' death solve everything? What exactly is wrong with him?
5/25 c28 Joan G. Brand
No, I truly didn't see that one coming! None of us suspected Collins as an imposter and the Collins III as the true heir of Longbourn! Jane is actually free and not married at all if what her cousin says is true since the man she married is using someone else's identity. That's fraud. William III is correct. Everything was his fault. He could have told the truth in the beginning! He could have have asked Lady Catherine or Darcy for help immediately! Jane is correct! He didn't love her.
5/25 c27 Joan G. Brand
Yes, I didn't start reading this novel until May of 2022! This chapter was amazing! I am glad that Elizabeth listened to Jane 's life 's experience and wisdom and shared it with Darcy. She had to examine herself and her fears. Why deny herself future happiness because of her past? Fortunately, Darcy is a constant! He is there for Elizabeth and her sisters.
5/25 c26 Joan G. Brand
Jane for all of her Pollyanna thinking was always the most sensible when it came to Darcy, and she has the right of it. Elizabeth needs to follow her lead on this one!
5/25 c25 Joan G. Brand
Good on you Jane! Yes, Elizabeth was quite smart in setting up her room to defend herself against Collins Sr. attack against her person. The letter from Malvern definitely indicates that there's a threat against her life. Elizabeth might have been compromised, but he couldn't marry her. Plus she protected herself against a gentleman even it was a gentleman. Was he allowed to rape her if he wanted to?
5/25 c24 Joan G. Brand
You have finally reunited the sisters and William Il is awake, but I don't think Jane is barren. I think her husband is! The conversation between Gantry and Mary was interesting. I don't think he suffered from pride but simply didn't want to see people suffer and not be able to help them.
5/24 c23 Joan G. Brand
Yes, Darcy must help Elizabeth understand that she was created to live on an island. Even if she reunits with her sisters, she will want a life of her own.
5/24 c22 Joan G. Brand
Sounds like there's another romance brewing here. Might there be a double wedding?
5/23 c21 Joan G. Brand
Malvern's letter does make one curious for sure! I look forward to its revelation as the story continues! Thank goodness Darcy was able to persuade Elizabeth to go to Reid and share her story. Yes, it's frightening, but it had to be done!
5/23 c20 Joan G. Brand
Well at least they expressed their true feelings for each other. Will the letter be enough?
5/22 c19 Joan G. Brand
Jane was bold in going to Bingley. Now he doesn't have to worry anymore.
5/22 c18 Joan G. Brand
Bingley did an excellent job getting rid of the elder Collins who still thinks he can get Caroline to marry his dying son. Now Jane knows that Elizabeth is an actress.
5/22 c17 Joan G. Brand
Gantry did an excellent job of getting under Collins Sr. skin! Darcy held his own, and Collins knew he wasn't afraid of him.
5/22 c16 Joan G. Brand
Good for Jane! Yes, her husband is a fool! His son is near death 's door!
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