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5/22 c15 Joan G. Brand
I didn't find them unless Collins tried to rape Elizabeth. Why does Gardiner think Elizabeth exaggerated Collins' brutality? Was he that lazy? I expected better!
5/22 c14 Joan G. Brand
Yes, only Elizabeth and Collins, Sr. know the truth, but Darcy is fairly close! Bingley is sympathetic to Darcy. Gantry is ready to arrest the father!
5/22 c13 Joan G. Brand
Yes, Jane and Mary have quite a story to tell, along with an almost comatose William Collins, II.
5/22 c12 Joan G. Brand
Darcy still needs Bow Street! Has Mary told Jane about Elizabeth? Shouldn't Jane confide in Mary who could confide in Darcy?
5/22 c10 Joan G. Brand
Leave it to the Bingley sisters to say the nastiest things. Now Elizabeth has to make sure that her "guardian " doesn't discover her inheritance. Hopefully, she has reached her majority and can hire a Bow Street Runner! Mrs. Collins and Mary are there to nurse William Collins.
5/22 c9 Joan G. Brand
Yes, Collins told Jane to get out, so she's leaving and taking Mary with her.
5/20 c8 Joan G. Brand
Will Mary take care of young William Collins to thwart her brother-in- law and guardian? Why should he be considered her guardian? Why not Gardiner or Philips?
5/20 c7 Joan G. Brand
So Collins Sr. dumped his son out if the carriage. He is correct in telling his son not to put Lady Catherine on a pedestal. She's not a queen, nor is she God. Hiring a bow street runner is an excellent idea.
5/20 c6 Joan G. Brand
What a wretch of a husband Jane married. Mr. Gardiner tried to do right by her but was outdone by Collins.
5/20 c5 Joan G. Brand
Yes, once Darcy compared Mary to Elizabeth I figured it out. Was it Jane 's husband or the son who sullied Elizabeth?
5/20 c4 Joan G. Brand
Will Richard make the connection between Miss Bernard and Herefordshire?
5/19 c2 Joan G. Brand
Jane became Mrs. Collins! At least she softened Mary's behavior! What happened to Elizabeth? Mary will be matched with Bingley?
5/9 c29 Jansfamily4
That would be awesome if Elizabeth pulls the trigger that puts the bullet into Collins heart! If, indeed he even has one. But he needs to spend time in prison, before being hung!
What an emotional chapter.
Thank you for the update.
5/5 c28 sunshineandsparklesfan
Okay, I admit it. You thoroughly surprised me with the reveal. My thought was that Collins Sr did not sire his "heir," that the babe born 7 months into his previous marriage (forced by compromise but another man involved as well) and that Collins Sr was the impotent one, not Jane.
4/19 c29 Sew Cajun
What I think is that you need to post the next chapter SOON! Please
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