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4/10 c29 katesie
Thank you thank you thank YOU
4/9 c29 Shelby66
Great chapter! Waiting on the edge of my chair for the next chapter!
4/8 c29 Anne-Netherlands
Your plot as always so complex,fitting well together, that I wanted to saviour reading it. So. I made myself wait until i had less stress from work…and a state of mind to fully enjoy and appreciate your work. And again: you do delight… I absolutely love your writing and the roads you have your characters follow. I cannot wait to read your next installment and the way the Bennet sisters mean to influence the call at dawn. Part dome wants to stop reading, so I can pick up once the story is finished and I can enjoy and live through the whole thing, but I know I cannot. I will keep reading, keep getting frustrated at the want to read and know more… And so: thank you for sharing this,for taking my thoughts away from ugly daily life to a world where wrongs possibly can be righted. Thank you, and good luck in your continued writing… Best wishes, Anne
4/7 c29 2Jpeters217
I'm so glad you're back! I love your story
4/6 c29 Alex Maria1
Amazing, amazing, amazing! So much grief, pain, evil... it is terrifying and heartbreaking... I didn't expect for William being an imposter, but it all makes more sense now.
Can't wait for the next chapters and for the HEA. Much love xoxo
4/5 c29 eelarahs
Lots to digest in this chapter. Elizabeth going as Bingley's second? I didn't expect that! Can't wait to see where this goes.
4/5 c29 Levenez
Thank you very much for the new chapter. It is already a treasure to receive the updates for your story. This is such a tale! I think you did well in explaining Elizabeth’s view on the situation and how she changed her opinion on Bingley’s involvement. I guess they need to find a way to prevent the duel from happening. What options do they have that won’t make any of them a murderer?
4/5 c29 3trytryagain357
This story is why I check my email. For real.
4/5 c29 Another Lizzie
Looking forward to this confrontation.
4/4 c29 crispill
What chapter ! Will the duel take place ? Darcy would be the second for Bingley. Elizabeth being present is very dangerous. Will the false Collins try to kill her or be discomposed enough to miss his shot ? I wonder if Caroline is preparing something. I can't wait for the next.
4/4 c1 Guest
Fascinating to guess how you will write a story with Elizabeth as the second. She is an actress after all.
True satisfaction would be for everyone (Meryton surrounds) to know that "Collins, Senior" (If we can even call him that) is an imposter. After all, he stole a gentleman's estate. However, I feel sorry for poor Jane. To suffer under living under the same roof with a monster who was not even the rightful heir, it really is too much. Since I do not have the imagination, waiting for your next chapters.

Not easy to write a story that is such an AU with pretty much all original plot and dialogue. I think you only had 6 chapters when I first recommended your story on AHA but it has been worth the wait.
Here is a story that I am not looking for the D&E HEA. Instead, I think your readers would like to see justice served.
4/4 c29 Motherof8
Whew! What a chapter. Can’t wait to find out her plan. Thank you.
4/4 c29 63Brenda Shaffer-Shiring
I read this story with great excitement every time it pops up on page one of the listings. Can't wait (but will, of course) to see what happens in the duel.

Nice to see proof of Caroline's love for her brother, especially since she's so rarely shown with any redeeming traits. Nice, as well, to see Bingley's courage and determination.
4/4 c29 femmevamp
As others have said - this is a fabulous story - very clever & inventive & I hope you update sooner than your usual as all your readers are waiting with baited breath, especially me! I've so enjoyed the detail with which you crafted this story. Sometimes authors will gloss over details that in my opinion round out the story, providing background into the characters' thoughts/actions. That being said, I just wanted to let you know that I'm pissed that a couple of your readers have waited until now to say they will no longer continue to read your story as it has taken you 6 years to write - even though you're close to the end. Do not listen to their BS! Thanks again for a wonderful tale!
4/4 c29 1nanciellen
Wow! What a chapter. I don't think Elizabeth should be considering attacking the Collins imposter but I am sure she will be a great help at the duel. Thank you so much for such a fantastic chapter.
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