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4/4 c29 Guest
Wow, Elizabeth! You have more balls than all the men combined! Truly, serving as the Second in a duel?! Is she planning to discompose the evil man enough to cause him to miss his shot? That's sooo dangerous, he could shoot her instead!

Oh,please, please, please, update sooner than last time... your readers are DESPERATE for more! I know I am!
4/4 c29 ChrisM0519
I'm sure Collins wouldn't think twice about shooting Bingley in the back. Anyone who would murder or attempt to murder three men surely wouldn't be honorable in a duel. I'm hoping Elizabeth's plan is to shoot Collins before he even pulls the trigger.
4/4 c29 liysyl
Great chapter I am looking forward to seeing if there is a duel or if the fake Collins is arrested. Thanks for sharing your story.
4/4 c29 2EmlynMara
Good heavens. A houseful of (unintended?) eavesdroppers. Well, it sounds as if much has been learned, and then shared.
I’m relieved Lady Matlock has given her grudging support.
I enjoyed the scene between the Bingley siblings. Nice to see such care and concern, despite differences in opinion, and choices/directions in life.
It sounds like the duel will be well attended at this rate, with several people vying for position.
4/4 c29 Saralee
Powerful chapter. Not only a cliff hanger but no promise of a timely resolve. This story has intrigued me for 6 years, I hope you will take pity and update quickly.
4/3 c29 pemsnowy
What is her plan? I am a bit worried but such a great chapter and story. Mary is so wonderful and I wish her happiness with Mr gantry (if at all possible) What about the younger girls
4/3 c29 Guest
OMG,OMG,OMG! How is it that this astonishing story gets better with each new chapter?! This is brilliant, amazing, fantastic...! I'm in awe of you, dear author, and truly believe that Jane Austen pales in comparison. Wow! Please update soon!
4/3 c29 Xpochakkox
So exciting!
4/3 c29 JohnnyFlynnFan
Another wonderful chapter…and cliffy! I am all anticipation for what comes next. Elizabeth as Bingley’s 2nd? Hmm. Most intriguing! Thank you so much for your excellent writing and talented mind!
4/3 c29 Guest
I hope Elizabeth will pushed Bingley away and start beating Collins herself lmao ... hehe
4/3 c28 Colleen S
Wow! Excellent update!
4/3 c29 Happy Lizzy
Elizabeth is going to be his second. Wonder what plans she has concocted.
3/30 c1 1SunriseImagination
I'm reviewing on a different chapter because fanfic is mean and won't let you review multiple times...

I was in the mood to reread your story and I'm again just blown away at how well the story is shaping up to be. One of the best things about your mystery is how the different characters have different theories, well thought out theories, that end up being incorrect. I am looking forward to whatever new revelations are revealed in the remaining chapters.

I need to know how this duel will play out! What more is William Collins going to reveal? How much longer until the HEA? I'm so invested in this story! I cannot wait for you to update again... I know you were shooting for an update this spring so I hope that means a chapter is coming soon...
2/9 c28 LizzieJS
My word! That was worth waiting for - even Wickham made an appearance!
2/8 c28 3trytryagain357
Great googly moogly! I want to rush you for another chapter, but since you're doing such a marvelous job, that seems ill advised. You do you! We'll be waiting!
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