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for Dancing On Hedgerows

11/18/2018 c10 ChrisM0519
I know that Darcy normally has a good reason to mistrust someone's actions as being calculating but Jane is not that type of person. She really is concerned Collins Jr. I am glad that Darcy is having a Bow Street runner come to investigate the Bennett background to confirm his suspicions.
11/16/2018 c10 Another Lizzie
Ooooh the plot thickens! Thank you, and more more...!
11/16/2018 c10 Saralee
Very interesting, Benito is dead. Huuummm.
11/16/2018 c10 AnnePoles2022
I am thrilled with this wonderful story!
11/16/2018 c10 Jansfamily4
And the plot thickens! Excellent story!
11/16/2018 c10 goldengals
This is an incredible story. Truly enthralling.
11/16/2018 c10 crispill
Hasn't Benito Forelli had time to specify her real name on his will ?
I'm really looking forward to reading the next, and what the physician and the assistant from Bow Street will discover (that Collins senior is a murderer and will be hung, I hope).
11/16/2018 c10 1nanciellen
How fascinating this story is. Things are all coming together it seems. The addition of Bow Street is a great idea. Thank you
11/15/2018 c10 Gally619
This story is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
11/15/2018 c10 Noorsmum
i thoroughly admire youre writing style, a lovely story
11/15/2018 c10 Dumm
I love your story. Thank you for update
11/15/2018 c10 Deanna27
oh dear, as far as I am concerned, the wrong old man died.
11/15/2018 c10 maeseaview
An interesting analogy between Caroline, whose behaviour was a result of training and grooming and an actress who would also act in a similar fashion but because of her profession, her behaviour was considered false and fabricated.
Somehow the behaviour of ladies was thought to be a result of their birth (I know Caroline is not quite accepted as a lady by birth but she manages to get away with it).
11/15/2018 c9 maeseaview
Thank you.
11/15/2018 c8 maeseaview
Thank you
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