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10/16/2018 c8 Elli
Thank you for this captivating story, I look forward to your next update
10/16/2018 c8 JIM DOHERTY
Speaking as a cop of 20 years experience, and as something of a police historian, as well, I think, if the only reference you're going to make to them is an off-hand reference to the "Famous Fielding Brothers," you could do just as well, and avoid the anachronism, if you simply said "the famous Bow Street Runners."

In fact, John Fielding's being the hero of a series of historical mystery novels notwithstanding, and both the Fieldings being featured in a TV series (CITY OF VICE) also notwithstanding, the magistrates at Bow Street actually did very little hands-on investigating. That's what they employed their Principal Officers (the "Runners") to do, and this was particularly the case by the time your novel is set.
10/16/2018 c8 Guest
This is an excellent story and variations. Thank you for sharing!
10/16/2018 c8 Noorsmum
OMG... and then what happened?!
10/16/2018 c8 Guest
My goodness; never in my reading of JAFF have I ever felt so much good will and sympathy for Mr. Collins! Typically, I prefer the more lighthearted AUs but I must say, this story is compelling in its own right. Well done!
10/16/2018 c8 LE06301226
Ugh. I hope this doesn't end the way Hamlet did. This is a very good story.
10/12/2018 c4 WendiaAprigio
Dear author, I'm out of breath.
Jane is married to Collins.
Darcy flirts with Mary.
What happened to Lizzy to have been abandoned? Lizzy an artist, a woman who can not love?
Concerned and curious about the next chapter
10/10/2018 c7 Another Lizzie
"him, looking for any opportunity to open a conversation or tend "to to" a perceived"

Caroline...we have not an "instant" to lose. (insistence, pesky auto correct)
10/10/2018 c5 Another Lizzie
Gentle Jane...Adelaide's own transgressions.. not transactions. Probably someone already told you. It was probably the election that stopped your writing. I know it depressed me & I lost 20 lbs. Great story. Thoroughly enjoying.
10/9/2018 c7 2EmlynMara
Hopefully Darcy’s opinion of Mrs. Collins will change as he gains more information. I like that Darcy is thinking and observing and putting pieces together. I worry about Mary and Jane being in the power of that man.

What I have yet to imagine is how Darcy and Adelaide will finally get together. I hope that at least Georgiana will be supportive of them.
10/8/2018 c7 Leslie E
Very interesting so far . Keep up the great work !
10/8/2018 c7 Bookworm
Ahhh the build up of anxiousness knowing there is a chapter coming that will start to shed light on the mystery of Elizabeth in London. I cannot wait for the next update!
10/8/2018 c7 Saralee
This story is so different from the usual. The elder Bennets deceased; the elder Collins still living; Lizzie turned out by the Gardiners for some yet unknown reason and now an actress: Jane married to an old man. Oh my! Darcy to the rescue. The twists & turns are welcome and I am anxious to read more.
10/8/2018 c7 liysyl
My guess is that they bring a wet Collins back to Netherfield and Darcy begins his interrogation. Great chapter thanks for sharing.
10/8/2018 c7 DaisyG
Was Elizabeth subject to physical abuse and the threat of worse my Mr. Collins? Is that why she was left friendless - even without the Gardeners upon whom to lean? what would make the Gardiners acquiesce to someone so boorish and cruel?
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