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5/14/2016 c2 Guest
Wow, very interesting. So how old were the Bennets when their parents died? How many children does Jane have, poor her having to put up with Mr Collins.
If Collins has a grown up son as a vicar then surely he must at least be in his 40s or 50s if not older?
Looking forward to more
5/12/2016 c2 6ilex-ferox
Thank you for this story, it's an interesting premise and I'm looking forward to more.

There were a couple of errors I noticed: it's is the shortened form of it is, when you want the possessive (belonging to it) it is spelt its; it's Covent Garden (not Covenant) without the Royal. Also, the family name is Fitzwilliam but they would be addressed as Lord and Lady Matlock not Lord and Lady Fitzwilliam. To be strictly accurate she would be referred to as Eleanor, Lady Matlock unless she had a title in her own right before marriage.
5/12/2016 c2 amr
This is a promising beginning, with the Bennet sisters in a variety of roles. Poor Jane, married to the old miser, and trying to help her younger sisters! (I wonder a bit, where Mary learned all those languages, given Mr. Collins' lack of education and reluctance to spend money; I can't quite see him springing for a governess.) But Jane's position seems a bit precarious, given that we know Mr. Collins senior died just about the time of your story. As for Adelaide/Elizabeth, I'm sure she would make a success as an actress, but given the reputation of such ladies in this period, I'm surprised her uncle allowed it. Two tiny bits of concrit (I hope constructive, anyway): (1) the possessive pronoun is "its," not "it's." It doesn't need an apostrophe any more than "his" does. And (2) the past tense of "lead" is "led."
5/12/2016 c2 mrldk67
please more ...!
5/12/2016 c2 m.hill
Very promising!
5/12/2016 c2 Guest
Yuck! Poor Jane...
5/11/2016 c1 Colleen
Wow this is interesting!
5/11/2016 c2 Guest
oh poor jane but this story is very interesting and unique. cant wait until more
5/11/2016 c2 Ana Suarez
Me gusta mucho!
Una historia diferente, espero el próximo miércoles la actualización.
5/11/2016 c2 momoe
Oh, how sad, poor Jane! I thought nothing could be worse than Mr. Collins, but his father? it is just awful and sickening... really, I just can't accept it. Though I hate it, I love the story, warts and all, because it is different from the other stories and very nicely written. Please keep up the great work, i can't wait for Lizzy to meet Darcy again or to see if Bingley will fall in love with Jane Collins.
5/11/2016 c2 PPFan
As others have said, this is an interesting and different premise to most stories. Look forward to more.
5/11/2016 c1 Guest
Well done, that was an excellent beginning and now look forward to future chapters.
5/11/2016 c2 7JoanHall
So would the marriage between Jane and Collins Sr. make it unlawful for any of the other Bennet girls to marry Collins Jr.? Otherwise it would seem like an obvious choice to try to marry one of them off to the heir.
5/11/2016 c2 paulette.octopus
very very interesting premises.
I'm intrigued and can't wait for more!
5/11/2016 c1 Queen of the Wilis
Fascinating premise. I am especially surprised by and interested in your pragmatic Jane. I look forward to seeing where this goes.
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