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for The Blue Winter Rose

5/2/2017 c5 1harlequin320
interesting chapter, keep up the good work
5/2/2017 c5 1falciatore1669
I don't understand is Harry reincarnated as lyanna or not? Are you going to just repeat the history of GOT with a few mentions of Harry here and there?
5/2/2017 c5 16Child of Dreams
5/1/2017 c5 1Sceonn
Domeric Bolton? Roose Bolton's kid? Ramsay's brother? How the hell i he born yet, let alone old enough to be Lyanna's companion?
5/1/2017 c5 22Slytherin Studios
i like it, nicely done.
4/22/2017 c4 Arianna Le Fay
but is not true rhaegar is jon father please don t change the pairing from rhaegar/lyanna
4/22/2017 c4 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Nice! Can't wait for what's next!
4/18/2017 c4 Guest
I love her so much omg
4/17/2017 c4 Almonda
In really like this fic, it is quite different to other crossovers I have read and I am really looking forward to the next chapter.
4/17/2017 c4 yukino76
thanks for the update
4/17/2017 c4 Basker
The stories Old Nan was telling make more sense now that you've decided this is an arthur/lyanna pairing lol
Ned might have more magical blood then I first thought if he has already attached himself to the Daynes this strongly and this early on. Their childish games have a heavy feeling of foreshadowing and easter eggness that I LOVE! :)
Ned is so uptight. I wish Lyanna had more influence over his character. Loosen him up a little bit but Ned will be Ned.
Really excited for an update.
I hope there isn't too much love-angst. With Arthur being all "but you belong to Rhaegar, I'm a Kingsguard blah blah blah..." It's always rather boring when that kind of thing drags on for too long.
I can't wait for the action! The prophecies and wars to come.
If Lyanna is dreaming of Harry Potter and magic... does this mean she will have that kind of magic? Or is it just her greenseer/warging magic of the Starks?
My thoughts are so scrambled lol
This is a great story I hope we get an update soon!
4/17/2017 c4 22Slytherin Studios
nicely done, please update soon.
4/17/2017 c4 12345678910
Love it so much omg hope you update very soon and can she be queen and rheagar be king happy ending please
4/17/2017 c4 16Child of Dreams
That doesn't even make sense.
If Jon was sired by Arthur Dayne, why would Ned feel the need to hide him away in Winterfell as his bastard son, instead of just telling everyone the truth about his parentage from the start?
Nope, Rhaegar makes much more sense.
4/17/2017 c4 3Mary D. Black2000
So RL does not J?
I really need to check up on that!
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