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for The Blue Winter Rose

12/24/2016 c3 1harlequin320
great chapter, keep up the good work, can't wait for more
12/24/2016 c3 sousie
thank for the update
great story
12/24/2016 c3 22Slytherin Studios
nicely done, please update soon.
12/24/2016 c3 timijaf
Great chapter
12/24/2016 c3 kiki8o
We like crossovers because harry goes into another worñd and has his powers and all tge knowledge so far this is a story about lyanna so i dont understant
12/24/2016 c3 16Child of Dreams
What's going on?
12/24/2016 c3 Guest
Best chapter so far. Amazing story!
12/24/2016 c1 ImaginativeFury
so essentially a gay Harry
12/24/2016 c3 xenocanaan
Definitely my favorite chapter! Was that Jaqen who made an appearance?! All the symbolism and the call backs to her life as Harry, especially the whole scar scene, was wonderful! Absolutely amazing! I loved how she got that "tingling" feeling like Harry so often did, though in this case it may also be serving as a "you've forgotten something" type of message. I really can't wait for the next chapter! I'm especially curious on what role Jaqen may play! It's all just so exciting!

Thank you so much for this fantastic chapter! Right in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday!
12/23/2016 c2 3FleurSuoh
Really like the story so far, can't wait for the next chapter. Hope you update soon
12/22/2016 c2 SilvasPrickle
This is not a blah chapter! Have more confidence in your writing. There will always be people to bring you down and the only criticism you need to listen to, is the constructive one.
Still your story shows great promise! Maybe get a beta to help you with the game-of-thronenish/British?
Also, I think it might be better not to have more than one long "dream" sequence per chapter, but that's just my personal opinion. Good luck with your writing!
12/22/2016 c2 1chain.reader
nothing to do with HP here...
11/28/2016 c2 M
Wow. A new twist on Lyanna-slash-Harry. More please!
11/19/2016 c2 2sad sabrin
Nice story
11/17/2016 c2 2Gale-of-Time
This is an awesome story, I love the idea behind it. Even if there are parts that aren't consistent with logic I tend to over look that when reading a good story since creative licence is more important to me.
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