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6/10/2019 c11 16Child of Dreams
But she's not a Targaryen!
6/9/2019 c11 Tata-Fox
This story started out great but took a downturn after Lyanna left Winterfell. Elements of the story seems forced and over complicated or just ridiculous. You can do better than this.
6/9/2019 c11 bruna2612
continua por favor.
6/9/2019 c11 1Shadow Wolf 15846
nice! cant wait for the next chapter!
6/9/2019 c11 hamsterville
I prefer your "man of honor" fic. Last few chapters seemed to have just have forced a complication on the plot just for the sake of it complicating it
6/9/2019 c11 1Birdy1210
My suspicion of disbelief can only be stretched so far, so Vary's a servant to either the red God or the night king (only supernatural forces that I know of that would be against Lyanna) and they are protecting him in the red keep from spells, sounds a little too far-fetched.
6/9/2019 c11 LineTel
You know its totaly impossible for varys's servants to found Lyanna. ... moreover to find her in the océan of samedi shape women... perhaps if varys was to encounter her.. but an other people. Its totaly impossible .
So... that she cut her hair is a les idéaux beaxsuse its attractif attention on her. That she cafter all of that desapear would be worse. Then varys would know she she is and where people she loves are ...
6/9/2019 c11 ChimChim84
another great chapter I wonder how they are going to react when Lyanna shows up with three dragons and what names did you choose for dragons ?
6/9/2019 c11 belle hawk
I though she was caught by Arthur never had I thought it would be Varys. The worst person to catch her
6/9/2019 c11 sousie
well isn't she lucky. she got herself a second dumbeldor
6/9/2019 c11 arapyanime
Hmmm that she'll have a hard life again
5/30/2019 c10 Svenion
seriously? she stops in a public place, talks to herself out loud, isnt hidden behind any illusions, and AD just happens upon her? no thank you
5/30/2019 c10 CottonKey
*gasps* I finally caught up with this fic...and oh man...talk about complicated.. I wonder how Lyanna is going to deal with this...did Brynden forsee this happening?
5/27/2019 c10 4eragon95159
continue and update starks have family ned/cat with canon children when arya has reform rebuild and upgrade westrons .like build greenhouses on north .create potion to cure grayscale and salve to remove scars from as lady of dead destrroy faceless for inhuman practics destroy personaliy in human to create no ones .
5/23/2019 c10 1Shadow Wolf 15846
Oh dear! Can’t wait for the next chapter.
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